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Official Organ 

Supreme lodge Committee frights of Pythias N. A, S. A., E. A.A. & A. 

0t Cmtifi Gratis 

VOL: VI. NO. 2 




Undei Equality Of Application ,0f Its Pro 
Visions, We Should Furnish 200,000 
Soldiers, 600 From St. Louis. 

By J. M. Batdunnn 
The passage of the administration 
bill to rail* an army ol two million 
n«n by "elective draft, given promise, 
if the Negro is fortunate, of proving n 
boon to tbc race and offering an an* 
limited opportunity to raako history 
for hit coifntry. In addition' to the 
actual soldiers who will be brought into 
ervice of the Nation, the summary 
of the bill ahowi, "The, President is 
ithorized to exclude or discharge, or 
to draft for partial military service 
only, custom house clerks; persons in 
the mail service; workers in armories, 
arsenals and navy yards : pilots and 
marines; persons engaged in industries 
found to be necessary to maintenance 
of the nsjiitary establishment or the 
effective 9pe ration of the military' 
forces during the emergency." Under 
a proper application of the spirit of 
the hill, tha Negro ought to And plenty 
of room for a complete service to the 

| country. His loyalty is unquestioned, 
his war spirit has been 'tested and his 
availability for many of the other 
positions to which the draft is appli- 
sable has been demonstrated. He is an 
American from .the crown of his head 
to the tips of his toes.'and if he does 
not see ssrvt :e to his fullest capacity, 
it will not be his fault. 

The new army o.f 2,000,000 is to be 
created in, two years;" the first draft 
will be of young men, probably between 
the ages of £1 to 35 years and will call 
for 906,000. The country is supposed 
to contain RO.000.000 white' person s and 
10,000,000 Colored; if the Negro se- 
cures his full quota in the two ycafs, he 
will furnish 200,000 well drilled soldiers 
to the government. Naturally, the' 

. great bulk of these men will come from, 
the southern ststes and form a strong 

proportion of the allotment from that 
section. In the eventuality tho vv»- 
gooa on for some time, it is not too 
much to expect to see Colored soldiers 
from Dixie nn the firing line receiving 
from and giving support to white men 
from the same section; the spirit of 
comradeship which will be the out- 
growth of such a situation can be 
najight else than wholesome and servo 
to ameliorate conditions after It Is all 

A local authority estimates Missouri's 
quota at 47,855, of which St. Louis 
will furnish lu',71S. This means that 
this city should give ono soldier out of 
every 70 persons of tie required age; 
the last census gave the Colored popula- 
tion in round numbers at 42,000; uaing 
these figures as a base, which is ex- 
tremely conservative, we should fur- 
nish 000 men in two years or about 
half a regiment. Five hundred thou- 
sand will have to be furnished by the 
country by September 1, and Colored 
St- Louisana should send 150 uf these, 
and by September 1, 1013, mv should 
be on hand with 150 more with the rest. 
to follow In the alloted time. 

It is too early to form any definite 
idea .of how the War Department will 
plaeo tbe new selective draft In opera- 
tion; because its' plans are not yet in 
shape to' give to the public. However, 
the Negro desires and deserves unre- 
stricted opportunity to. give tbe best, 
that U. in. him to insure a couplets and 
overwhelming victory for his country; 
if he f ■"->, it- will not be because of 
disloyalty, apathy or stackers. It wilt, 
be for the sole reason his services were 
not used when they vera available, aud 
he~ stood a willing citizen offering to 
serve bis country along with all others 
who love to fight the Nation Vbattles. 

Fourteen Years of War 

Prophet Predicts Long and Bloody 

Conflict. Change Of Heart 

Will Save Some. 



Teams 14 and 17 Via With Sack. Other 
for the L*ad. Interest Centered 
Upon Dr. T. A." curtis and Dr. Cnas. 
II. Turner. All Captains Will Meet 
Sunday at 4 p. ni. and Report at Y. 
M. □. A. Building. 

The race, between the teams of' the 
Y. M. C A. collection campaign has 
become so hot that team 14, which for 
a year or more has hcjd first place 
o'er the captaincy of Dr. T. A. Curtis, 
has been displaced by team 17, u 
tins leadership of Dr. C. H. Turner. 
'Collection campaign has developed 
a hot old race and before this issue of 
the Argus comes oat, it may be that 
team 14 will have gotten hold on first 
ptaee. . J 

\ Work on the wrecking of the build 
ing will commence at once and tbe team 
men aro jubilant over the prospects oi 
tho work commencing at an early date. 

Sunday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock at 
the Y. M. C. A, building, tbe teams 
and team captains will get together f 
their report on tbeir 15,000 effort whi 
is the effort to reach the $25,000 mark 
In tin- collections. This .will be a 
meeting of all the teams and team cap- 
tains and because of tho strenuous- 
ness with which the teams have been 
working, a large attendance is ex- 

Promptly at 5:00 o'clock a meeting 
will be addressed by Dr. J. T,. Swartr., 
of the Barnes Hospital staff, and Dr. 
Geo. B. Mangold. 

The i. 11. C. A. has caughy-tbe popu- 
lar ear and the popular- support and is 
singing along in fine old shape. 

With ail the dignity and assurances 
or the prophets of old, Kov. Andrew 
Jones, of Philadelphia, is in St. Louis, 
telling the people of- this city of wrath 
to come. .He is preaching at Mt: Zion 
Baptist Church. 3S2S Morgan St., whore 
large crowds gather nightly to hear bis 
prophecies. His special message in to 
Mara men to repent of their wicked 
ways and pray that they may bo spared 
when the great calamity comes. 

"Prophet Jones,*' as he is- -generally 
railed, is a most, interesting charac- 
ter. He is usually seen with a large 
bundle of papers. Among them may 
be found some uf tho leading dailies 
of this country. These papers con- 
tain extracts" from the prophecies, 
which" were made by Rev. Jones years 
ago. Home of his predictions, as chron- 
icled in these papers are: The Johns- 



President" W: H. McKinley and many 
othor savings that have proven abso 
lutely true. 

In 1904 he told of a great* war across 
the waters that would drag this.coun 
try into it. And that it would be 
t he • bloodiest war that the world bas 
ever seen. Re -predicts .the destine 
lion of Bostton, Sew York, Washington. 
D- <.'., and Chicago. He says this pres- 
ent war will last for fourteen years 
annVat the end of that tinuWhcre 
areoU be only, a few men living. Fam- 
ines,, pestilence, are factors in making 
this war serious. The rich shall weep 
and howl, for they shall see. tbeir gold 
and silver canker.' Cod is gning to 
avenge tbe sufferer and the proud and 
haughty' shall be brought low. 

R. C. Simmons 
Speaks In Chicago 

Chicago, Dlinois, Apnl .30, 1917.— 
Speaking before; 3,000 white-people at 
Orchestra HsJL Sunday evening,, kos- 
,-!-,;■ Conkling Simmons, raeitlnsj tbe 
history sad loyalty of the T-gro. Was 
.given a great ovation- . He spate un- 
der (he auspices of the Greater Hamp- 
ton Movement 'uf Hampton Institute, 
Hampton, Virginia. - *- ' \ ' 

He linked Boooerelt snd the Negro 
wfth the defeat of Ocroany, aad the 
audienoe- did not allow' him to finish 
-the sentence. The applause was deaf- 

Other« oh tbe evening's program 
wera assessor Secretary *t War Jacob 
M. Dickinson and Theodore Marburg, 
fnrtur United States Minister to Bel- 

Negro Business 
League Meeting 

The regular monthly meeting of the 
Negro Business league wiH be held at 
finssell's Chapel Tuesday, evening, 
May S . - ii. ia. .AH maabeia are urged 
to be present . Henry A. Smith, presi- 
dent; Julius A. K. Piehlin, secretary. 

Nearly $»<try member was present 
Tuesday evening at the public library 
in the regular semimonthly, meetingof- 
the Forum. ' w 

It L. Gordon, who practiced pbar-. 
acy in Europe before comiag to this 
country, read a paper on "Medical 
Jurisprudence. '■ The oration, whirb 
was a brilliant' array of facts, was 
well written and well argued. Doctors 
W. 8. Bnthaan, W. H, A. Barrett. J. 
C, Jaqnea and O. B. Key -discussed 
the paper. Among .the new members 

Dr. W. S. Brooks 
Now In Baltimore 

Jlg U l ua, Md.,.M»y 3.— The Bar. 

Dr. W. Sampson Brooks, the now pas- 
tor of Bethel A, M. E. Church, was 
greeted by, a largo congregation San- 
day morning. He is regarded as one 
of the most successful ministers in his 
enomination, and is highly thought of 
wherever he baa pastored. He comes to 
city from Wichita, Kans., and will 
.le tbe big debt on Bethel Church. 
Brooks is a native of Maryland and 
educated in Morgan College, Balti- 

"Baby .Week" is being observed all 
er the city this week, and many 
babies are on exhibition. Lectures On 
the care of infants are. being 'given. 

Mrs. Laiira F. Wheatley, wife of 
Dr. E. J. Wheatley, won. a 110 prise in 
an essay contest conducted by the 
Maryland League for National De- 

John H. Murphy, publisher of the • 
Baltimore A fro -American, has gone to 
Atlanta on a business trip. 

Mrs. Maggie -F. Walker, of Richmond. 
Va., was the principal spreaker at rally 
conducted by local lodges of the Order 
Of St. Luke Monday night- 
Francis. H. Warren, president of the 
Elijah McCoy Graphite. Lubricating 
Companv, Detroit, was tendered a re- 
ception by Mr. William Morsell a few 
evenings ago. 

1 1 ; 


The annual installation of offlcors of 
Othello Lodge 'No. 1, Benevolent Order 
Of Peerless Knights, waa held at Con- 
Ttation Hall, -S804 Pine St., Tuesday 
■toning, May 1. The ceremonies were 
conducted by Past fiknlted Prelate 
Joseph lO Harris assisted, by Fast Ex- 
alted Prelate, William .11. Fields. 

The following officers for .tho vear 
1917 were installed: W. H. King, Ex- 
alted Prelate; Win. II. Brown, Vice- 
Exalted Prelate; Dr. Oeo. M. Cathrell, 
Counsellor; Geo. O'Neil, Financial 
Secretary; Edw. O. Lnwson, According 
Secretory; Wj C. Gordon, Treasurer; R. 
O. Brnwloy, Lecturer; Henry Clay, 
Outside Sentinel; Geo. Long, Trustee. 

Exalted Prelate W. H. King, made 
tha following official appointments: J. 
Edward Hardy, Captain of Escort; Ber- 
ber Holland, Inside Sentinel; J. YV. 
Moore, Chaplain; Cbas. A. Scott, State 
Organizer; Dr. J. W. McClellnn, Medi- 
cal Director; William Johnston, Master 
Of Social Session. 

' The .Exalted Prelate, after being in- 
stalled, delivered a splendid address 
which Has replete with inspiration to 
the many members who -were present. 
His. platform carried many messages 
for the strengthening and upbuilding 
of this already .great institution. 
Among the most striking clauses 
was that in wbieh he called for tbe 
highest standard of efficiency in all 
official nod .clerical departments, lie 
concluded his address by saying: "In 
tho pledging of this" platform, may we 
all see tbc dawning of a new light. A 
light, which will lead Othello Lodge 
onward and upward, until it reaches 
pfanacle of excellence. May each 
friend be so beneflted by this new 
light, that his character and demeanor 
will shine forth to' the world like the 
brilliancy- of the noonday sun. May 
w* set new standards. May wo pledge 
now vows. May wo reverence anew 
tha oath we have taken. May wo live 
tbc year 1917 with new thoughts, new 
ideas and new accomplishments. And 
when the' evening sun of this year is 
ftiSttp sinking, msy there b« written 
ncross L the curtain of the gathering twi- 

a rainbo 

light, the word 'Succe. 
<-f duty well done." 

The Feerlesa Knights nrc rated as tbe 
M^aJthiest organixatioa in the city of 
St. Louis and. their business is con- 
ducted in spch a say as to exact favor- 
tilrle comment from the largest and most 
-'.ibfltnnlia] banking institutions in the 

city.' ,L . 

This organiiatifll will conduct the 
ciTomonius for the Colored Old Folks' 
Home, Sunday, June II), and during the 
present wct'k, the Supreme Lodge Hes- 
pon is being held at Convrnticn'Hall, 
2S04 Pino St. 


Surfdsy morning the ce*g7egntion 
Of Coriri Baptist Church listened-'to a 
very instructive and a practical ser- 
mod on the- Training of ■ Children, de- 
livered by tbc pastor. Rev. ,>\ Bates. ... 
AJ night the Mission Circle rendered a 

sacred concert Mr. 1 apd Mrs. G«t 

Carter had as their guests, for dinner 
Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. 
White and daughter. .'. .Quite a -nuiu- 
ber of friends met at Mrs. L. Bailey's 
Mondny night and - frum -there thev 
fjtrietlyj marched to the home of, Mr. C. 
Q BUuk, taking him by surprise, 
which indeed wss' an agreeable ono. 
Knne canned goods -and a purse..of *7 ><> 
were given him. Mr. Brack was made 
to feel like a nran in perfect health. . . 
Del any School Picnic in Carondele^ 
Park' June 12, 1917.'. "The Patrons' As- 
sociation ; Will meet Tuesday night, May 
9,' at Quian'a ChapeL' All parents are 
urged to be. present; .. .The program 
rendered at Qulnn Chapel, last Sunday 
at the- sacred concert was excellent.'. . . 
News hss-just reached us of. the death 
of Mr. Geo. Farmer, the brother of 
'.Siinc Hutt. 



H. Polk. 

Anyone knowing of. the. whereabouts 
f -Cornelius Maws should notify Caj. 
kin Johnson, of the Laclede Avenue 
Station or the .Argus office. Motlo- 

His father, Alexander Mason, of I bun, wbeti 
Evanssille,. Ind., I* serioosJy ilL This I sny rate ■ 
message; was' sent by )! r< Ella Parrish. I -,■■■ -An 

Negro Movies 
Attract Crowd 

Pictorss Of "Fifty Years Progress let 
Mlddls West" Fill Lincoln High 
School Auditorium la X 

K.St. Louis. ' J *T*T ' 

On Tuesilsy evening,. May l h nt\ audi- 
nce c<ini|.used of 1 children and adults, 
iTiehers, [irearhrrB and laymen, 'filled 
hi- Liiieoln High Srhnnl auditorium 
f East St. Loots in which Charles All 
num. the motion picture eihibitor <>i 
Ht., Lou'is, pas depicting the progress 
of the-Ni'^m raei- in lh" middle wes: 
in notion [lictum.. jT.n<i feenrs wr, 
hiijhly interesting ris writ as entertain 
ing and from time to, rime, provoked 
thunderous outburst! uf applause. The 
picture eras ably sUpplcim-atcd. hy nn- 
.itlirr reitl, entitled "The Battle H.vtnn 
'if the Republic," ih w-liii-h S'inie in- 
ti'resting incidents of the life of 'Abra- 
ham Linc.dn were portrayed in some 
ver.y besijtiful scenes rtungled with 
war and ■■ym.lioliral tableaui. The ex- 
hiliitidn of this picture was. preceded 
hy a short sildress on the. life of Lin- 
tola, by Prof. Ii, W. Buck," founder of 
Kirch's Business School of' St. Louis. 


St. Louiaana Well Pleased With Enter- 
tainment Given by tbe Glee and 

.Mandolin Club, of Lincoln Institute. 
of Jefferson City, at Metropolitan A. 
M. E. Zion Church Wednesday Night. 

Wednesday evening May 2 marked 
one of tbe best concerts given by tho 
TJlco and Mandolin Clubs of Lincoln 
Institute, that St. Louis has ever en- 
joyed. The program wan interesting 
from start to finish. There was hard 
)y a selection that did not bring en 
cores- The audience was large and 
very appreciative. Fully six hundred 
people cheered round after round with 
vociferous applause. 

Both the mule and ladies' quartets 
were far beyond th'o ordinary. The 
little seven year old daughter of Prof. 
B. F. Allen, Miss Julia Elizabeth Al- 
len, set tbe audienco wild with her 
excellent way of handling her violin. 
Miss Maria. Overstreet could easily be 
styled as the Prims Donna of Ci 
Missouri. Miss Henrietta Johnson 
violinist, proved that abi 
ia her profession. Miss Ethel Kobinson' 
was the star of the occasion. Her won- 
derful gift in expression caused tho 
audience to recall her for several se- 
lections which she did with much ease 
imd grace. Mr. James JelTrcs, tbe di- 
rector of the orchestra, comes in easy 
Tor his share of the praise. 

Prof. B. F. Allen, the president, was 
bubbling over with joi because- of tho 
splendid success that came to them in 
the great city of St. Louis. Prof! Al- 
len is ono of the. real leaders of the 
race; a man of high standing and cul- 
ture. St. Louis delights In honoring 

lit rill 

i\merican , Woodmen 
A Top Notcher. 

By Ja 




ture taken Under Mr. Allmcin 's pessimal 
-■::. Tvi-ii. ii. and is calculated \o stimu- 
late race pride and enthusiasm wher 
ever shown. Mrl Allmon is expecting 
H leave town within the next'ten 'lay., 
nn a 'tour of the state and nearby cities 
in Illinois, He has prepared an itiner- 
ary which covers a very wide territory. 
It is easily predicted that tin; UtMsM 
interest displayed in East St. Louis 
will be duplicated in most uf tjte other 
;iiies, some of wnirri -have already; be- 
gun to vie with eaxh other for the first 
.-xhibition. . , ; 

Mr. Allmon will also represent the 
-t.- Louis Argus, in its' Campaign for 
le-vs and subscriptions. 

Do business with a neigh- 
>ver this is. possible, but at 
do buaiiwa*) with your own 
>rican Woodmen. 

■ Of tho 183 fraternal Insursnce so- 
cieties doing business in the United 
States, the April Fraternal Monitor; 
An insurance organ published in Roches- 
ter, . N.. Y., made spetial mention of 
throe, whoso business for Iplfl was out 
of the. ordinary. It will he gratifying 
to the membership of the American 
Woodmen, and should lie to every 
Negro because tha American Wbodmen 
is the only one of Its kind in the race. 
to have this mention. Of the- Ameri- 
can Wooflinen, tho Ftiternal Monltur 
nss this to Say; "Progress of tho 
American Woodmen, of Denver, Colo. 
in 1818, is a record In which tho so- 
ciety can tako pride. The membership 
increased from 17.50° (o 80,13$ and 
the insurance in force from $10^0,850 
to ?':jl.l».;iii>. Astets tner'ensM frem 
ITH.307.H5 to S12-l.2fl2.PO. Tho total 
lienetlts paid during the year Are W3,- 
111.3(1.. A splendid service to' the 
membership. The American 'Woodmen 
operates on the N. i\ (\, rates and Its 
ust of management is Inn. only 85 
eats per member in 1H1B. . Tliese'-fae- 
irs entitle the society to the confidence 
f the field in wl.irh It operates," For 
reiv-e such comment- 

f'r •!,!■. 

il it 


The American Wend men has u system 
,nf handling its funds, all ./tit nsn. Hy 
this system npsrl, hnlf a million nf 
the people's monny is hsndlcl annually 
and the Supreme Clerk si Denver, 
<^olo., can tell you almost Instantly ju-l 
how every cent is used. This is how 
It is done: The Supreme Council .make* 
the rules local camp con ctil 
leet any mnre or any lejsfrom u mem- 
ber. This council says how much of 
(he amount collected shall remain with 
the local camp and how it shall he ei 
pended. The local clerk, who is" bonde.l 
by the Supremo Camp.. must include 
with his monthly report-^nd this re- 
port must lie made— an Itemized state- 
ment of all the expenditures' of his 
camp and this- statement must be 
sigied by the local tommander. auditor, 
hanher'and clerk. The Supreme Clerk 
knows before the report is' received 
just how much should be collected and 
with ■ statement of._the-expcoditures 
it is on easy matter for him to- know 
the .standing of each local camp,- The 
forms used are so simple 'that .a ihild 
could carry on the book-keeping of 
! his. the great**) Negro concern in the 
iorld. Indeed," the jwople of St.' !«rmi» 
re fortunate (bat they have 'an op- 
llfirlunity to- secure protection tor tbeir 
I ones in ssrh aA instltuti'on. 
y bf the dejHities mentioned ■else- 
o in this issue will be pleased to 
■ yos or you may call Kinloeb, 


Secretary of War, Newton D. Biker, 
TeUs Delegation from the K A. A. 
O. E„ That tie War Depsxtment," has - 
not, i»eclded Upon a. Training Camp 
for Negroes. Laxity Indicates Gov- 
ernment ia not Particular -About 
Training Colored Men to be Officers. 

A delegation, consisting of Dr. ,T.~E. 
Spingarn, of New York. Moorlield 
Storey, of Boston. Archibald H. .Grimke, 
Prof. Geo." W, Cook, Prof. Montgomery 
Oregory, James W. Kobinson, James A. . 
Cobb, Dean Kelly Miller. Whitfield Mc- 
Kinley, nnd K'oy Xash had an inter- 
view with Secretary of War Newton D. 
Baker on Friday morulng, April 2J. 
Dr. Spingarn acted ns spokesman andf 
nakod that the Secretary Immediately'., 
authorize General Wood to invite three 
hundred Colored men to enter Platts- 
burg or any other of the regular 
training camps which have just lieen 
Instituted. The secretary replied that 
he could not do this nt thin time, hut 
that bo nos seriously considering the 
whole matter and was committed to the 
plan for training Colored officers fur 
Colored regiments. He stated he Imd 
not decided whether to have a sepunite 
battalion of Colored officers in n regu- 
lar camp or a separate and distinct 
canlp for colored officers, add Would 
take "whichever wax least offensive to 
the Colored pecple:" 

This menns (lint nn npportunitv for 
tho training ,-,' Colored .. Hirers' will 
probably bo deferred uijtil tae end of. 
the present camp. That is to say, unlit 
about September 1. It is not impos- 
sible, however, that a camp mny be or- 
guniied before that time, anritit isjiji- 
cumbent upon all the Coloreil ■- -j>!e of 
tho country to get togetiisr nud make 
n fight for this, form of training. N«tn- 
.ing is more important at this lime than 
that-Colored men should be given an 
opportunity to train themselves as of- 

The namea of applicBDls new in tho 
hands of Dr. S^ngarn will be -rulaiued 
for future use. »nil nil further sppllra 
tinns should be sent to Boy Nash, TO 
Fifth Avenue, New York. Every man 
interested, in Ibis project should not 
nnly send an application to Mr. Nasli, 
i".i i should .write to his Congressman 
urging the latter toiuslil on officers' 
training (or Colored people. Dr. 
spingarn In (in Interview saidi 

"On Febmitry ISth I sent tin ripen- 
letter to the Colored people of the 
country, urging them to npply for >il- 
inissitin-lo n camp for Colored officers. 
I did not favor such n-separut* eniup. 
hut l" realftcd that if we could only 
dr finitely commit the.tVar Department 

ug of Colored officers «*■ 

fore war was declared, that preeedeui 
would hold and Colored officers would [ 
get training immedintejy. I have made 
if fight -all alone, with the help ol 
1j4ho or thrnVmoij like Hnn.n Pick 
ens and I'raf. Cnoli. If the whole Gol- 

— and itemaijded , 
such training at that time regnr>llc*s 

■ li/Te 



have been assured and Colored .men 
A now be getting training -ns of 
i. As it is, that training must 
now be deferred ' for twn .or three 
months, nn-l 1 urge all men, white 'and 
black, to start an organized ramjinign 
see tlioi the S<'cretary of War dneJ 
not forget his Bromine,'' 


McDowell Bros. 
New Undertakers 

The most recent addition to the local 
Negro business Held ws> the opening of 
the undertaking .-itnl.l i-l, ..: ■ -. ■ at 2SIH 
20 Mdrgan Sl'i May 1, which is to he 
kpown nsM Unwell Bros. r n der takers . 
and LmbaJu'-'-rs. ' 

_ > Win. C. » rios-ell successfully psjoStd 
the Missouri Mate Board of Eiubuliucrs 
in 1915 and since that lime he has ha. I 
practical experience, with the firm of 
Gates and Manuel and has proven Em- 
self very ePl'-teat in - his ' profession. 
Assoristed with him ore his two broth'-. 
Mrs, Walter and Arthur, bnth of wh.un 

of excellent personality aod have 
a host of friends; 

eir opening last Tnesday wss un 
the . most favorable eanditi»i|- 
Kriends and flowers were much in ev& - 

r- which was a token of the po|i«- 
larify of these young men in tbe-r-crn- 

Holiest and efficient service is what, 
they prorrjiiW "flfe . public wh'eu called 
pun to administer to its Deeds. 



■ -V^-. gap .:, 

1 ' — -^■■^IUPJP 

m it. loom aboub 

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nfw F. A. Oi wi n s esses* if aaJr <ilun sssaee' mm at- ,r n 





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at once; also agenta' terms. . Send all money by 
Money Order to ■ ™? ~ 


IIIJCW*3c - f mini. |gj 



27S1 Market St., at Lantngvell 

■ - WTT.T.| SI nH.y 

Hats made to match any costume, also 
blocked. Any design-copied, shapes 
for sale, trimitaod free. Prices lesson- 
able. Mrs. Wm. Mneklin, 4BT1 Bt Ford- 

Inny Send for « Free 
II R Trial Treatment 
UUI. for Syphilis, to 

Old Dr. Welch, Jacktafcrille, f U. 

Lawton Ave. Pressing 

•i. CLUB ■%, 

J. SAMS, Proprietor - 
Geat'i Snit* Cleaned * Pressed $1.00 

Cleaning, Dyeing and Repairing of 

Ladies and Gents' Garments. 

!Sa2 Lawton Ave. 

Visit Mv Parlor 

For real satisfaction in the treat- 
ment of the hair, call at my parlor 
LELA BUCK, 4441 Kennerl? Av 


Superb* Hair Grower 

And be convinced. Goartatsed to grow 
Hair where others fail. Bathrfaetjcel fas 


* G«*U Start C. 0. D. Af>-bWtata<> 

rnmttierrict thmt, Li.deD MM Urp hdU Vim 




Packing, Shipping and Storage. Light and Heavy Hauling and 
Second-Hand Good. 1Q3 N. CHANNING AVE. 

t Full Dress Suits For Rent J 


efs - Second-Hand Over Costs. | ggii 


•4* Olive 4649 i 

4, 711 North Sixth Street Second Floor ~ j£ 

**+-f+**+*++**+***+*+* ++4+« 

Bomont 1006 Einloeh: Central 4663 

Rqb't. P. Fritschle 


Diamond*. Watches Etc. 



• We are pleased to announce thnt Mr. 
J. T. Bush, Prof. E. D. Hamilton, and 

Mr. J. It. LanKing, and Mrs O. Tlmmsa 
are specially authorised to take appli- 
cations for membership in the St Louts of- Amerieaa Woodmen. The 
campaign for 1,000 members is on at 
special dispensation of 13.00. Geo. C. 
Martin, N'nt ior.n! Deputy. .' * 

Address answer Department 144 

For the newest and moat up-to-date 
styles. In Ladies' and Hen's Apparel 


1500— MARKET ST.-aiOC 
They win eJso loan yon money to boy 
your winter clothes. 


Kinloek. Central 5632 

Prosser's Funiture & Storage Co. 

Time Payment Dealers in 

3218.30 Olive Street Saint Louis, Mlnenri 

"More For Your Money" 

Furniture Bought and Sold for Cash or Taken in Exchange for Moving. 





- The Only Exclusive Chartered' Colond 

Cemetery in the Vicinity of 'St. Louis. 
|t is Nop. -Sectarian ' Free Care to AH Lata aad GraTet 

PRICE of LOTS $25 to l$V» Will Hold Fro- 3 to 9 Adalt Bnriali 


Adult..,.. ,_... JBr ^...:-„„ i _. ..:.:._.. . t 10.00 

Child over 5 years antl under 10 years 7.00 

"' lyear •• " fi "..... „_' -6.00; 

t " " 1 " -.- 3.00 


Adult .. T ..- r -.:- ■-■ 8.00 

'Child over 5 years and under 10- years '5.0J 

". "1 "' " " 5 "...: 4.00 

"; „^.....:.." ■ 1 ". 2.00 

weather, lowering devices'. Employees in uniform and other latest 
equipment. - Every effort is being made to give our people a well 
kept; high-grade cemetery. , Substantial improvements have been 
arran ged for, and the work will be begun early in the. spring. 

Many persons have purchased firail y burial Ion sad are kevinfe psrsasnent 
improvements ended. All' this the oesnry of the Ceooetery. Free 
eniomobili service it al the disposal of any any one desiring to select t baria] 
lot. Purchase now before ihe prices advance- ■ -.'. .'i 

. GaH Belt Kirtrwood 287-W . 

ARTHUR TURNER, 7 • SuperinteDdent 

FRY'S Bosy Cnt Rate Drug Store 

Service Our Motto We Deliver the Goods 


Advertise in Argus 



We Test Your Eyes 


And Sell Eye liaise 

and Spectacles on Time 

Dr. Wm. M. Riley 

Ome* JeTewAn, A Wuh St 

Phone Bomont 1548 


Sab Had* taOrdw. 014 Hat* nkstAvAv Blocked 
Dj.d mi fuuhanwl. CsBsd Far sad Deuvwsd 


' ■*,, BT.LOU1B.MO. 

Oldest EngrevVing House 
in St Louis 





325 Locust Street. 4th floor 


Chauffeurs and automobile • owners 
Buy obtain, application sarda for 
license from Attorney Qeo. L. Vaughn, 
Notary Public, £336 Market St. 
Phones. Bomont 1044, Central 8371. 



Standard Life Insurance Co. 


Capital Fully Paid $100,000.00 

. The only Old line Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company ' 
owned and operated entirely by Colored People. Not 

Fraternal, nor Assessment, nor Industrial. Insurance in . 
force over J2,000,000. 

Branch Offices. In Missouri 

T. A. Dicktan, Special Representative 
2363 Market St., St. Louis C. H. Fearing, Agucr Director 

1516 E. 18th St., -Kansas City, Stewart & Sauta, Agency: Directan 


The L Erdle Bakery & 


Bell Phone, Bomont 2al ' 




Tarna Is iuli roar lnc-om.. P.rUj iiwl ckain 

Kiinoe™, J.I? .no i»d ! 

Beautiful Bust and Shoulders 

are poaaihle If-yoo • ill irter a sdautincaliy 

constructed Bi to Jeiie Brssslere, - 

The diagSina wetakl of an unennnned bnat 

so stretches the' support iiig- snaclea.tbat 

the coDtourotthe figure Is ipoiled. 

**~*- i ~-r— — '-r — *-*rsj— — iri-ii in -*" 


pppp^f -y-^'&sm.. ■/■IjJSF', 

IT. L0D28 AK0U8 



By Mia H. N. Jonaa . 

_' Monday evening, Mr*. ». X. Arthur 
entertained £ number of friend* si her 
MM, 413 N*. Spring St., tbe 
ting her forty.-eighta blrthd 

'. The nrruae wii beautifully 
decorated, and it IS o'clock a Wble, 
beautifully bedecked, mi illuminated 
vitk 48 sninll caudle* uniquely ar- 
ranged,' Anion')- iliiw i>re*ent nu Mn. 
Mamie Allen. We are- glad to my 
that Mr*. Allen'* health is mindly im- 
ovjng.1 . :The*' Aid Society of 
M. X. Church, presented a eom- 
edy, "Jumbo Bo Jumb, '' in connection 
with the bazaar, which iu held there. 
-Rev. W. P. arrived here 
Wednesday, and ou the following day, 
preached at Hl-Iiv Chapel and Second 
Baptist Church. Both sormous were 
greatly enjoyed. Be v. Mitchell ■ ia one 
[of the third district southeast Mil- 
ouri, product., of which «o arc'proud. 
, Wednesday "night, while at the 
quamsi Dance Hall. Mr. Oiftt Pcnnye 
Hi severely cut on the neck and inn 
f>" Bujurd dnutli. ..Mr. Herman Cr*»- 
ord-wa* arrested for carrying a re- 
olver... . .Thursday evening at 5 J>. m., 
r. McCoy was Khot and instantly' 
illod, following domestic trouble* with 
'lite. Mr. McCoy had nought ami 
npted to kill bis wire, .and in the 
struggle which ensued, Mr. McCoy fired 
hi* revolver.' and. shot himself, the bul- 
let entering hi* body below 'the heart, 

and coming out at the shoulder.'. 

The jurors, Mr. W. H. Rodney, Mr. 
Brewster, Mr. E. W. Smith' »nd 
Mr. Wm. Summer*, Jno. Thomas ind 
Mr. Oeo. Ban do) , who were Colo ted, 
rendered a verdict of not guilty, and 

ao exonerated' tbe wife Thursday 

night, while returninu from an auto 
ride, three girl* were seriously injured 
when the car bumped into an iron 
bridge, hurting the' occupant* to the 
around, one girl'* cheek wan . badly 
cut, Tti,- driver, Mr. Joseph Cowans, 

received no .injuries Mr. Vincent 

Pctt was run down by an auto Sun- 
day Baby week was celebrated at 

all. churches. .Dr. J. W. Patterson lec- 
tured to n large crowd Sunday.' 


Mr*. Leola Laird 

. Doa/t forget the song -recital .under 
.the auspice* of H. Y. P. U, of tbe First 
Baptist Church and tbe sermon to be 
delivered by Dr. Geo-. F. Stevens of 
-Central Baptist Church of St. Lonis; 
Sunday,' May 0, at B p.m. Quarterly 
meeting and cornerstone laying' at the 
new Blackwell Chapel,- X. Elm Ave,. 
Sunday, M*y 6, at 3 p. m. Dr. Shaw, 
of the Metropolitan Church of St. Louis, 
will deliver .a special aermon. .. .TJnion 

Memorial Chapel of A. M. £.' Mission 
held their: quarterly meeting last Son- 
day. Pearson, pastor. .... .Mr. Janie* 

Taylor," who i* making his home in De- 
troit, left Tuesday after spending a 
few days- with his mother, Mr*. Anna 
Taylor, and other relatives. ...Mi** 

' lirace Woods, of St. Luui". was a pleas- 
ant' caller of Mrs. VT. H. Russell list' 

Sunday Miss Sarah noodwin' ia -rill 

'confined to bed..-. Mrs. 'Minnie Scatt 

is out agaiii after a long illness 

'Miss Marie Breeden is seriously ill 

Master Luther Perry is. convalescent. .. 
Mill Matteal flrilnn is much Improved 


niter a .brief ilin***)'.'.. .Mailer Leo V. 
Vanerfl very 111. . , .Mia. Fannie Henry 
visited Tt»v, a & Kitchen last Tburs 
day at tie hospital and reported his 

condition serious Mtj. Ida Mottley, 

president of Parent-Teafihon' Aisucia- 
tion, of Kirkwood, wai a visitor of 
Douglass School Pa rant -Teas hers' As- 
soc in t ion, Friday, April l7...:Prof. T. 

A. Moore and ton, Calvin, of 8t. Loui?, 

wore in our midst, hut Sunday Miss 

Wiennie Stewart had a* her' guciti 
Sunday afternoon, Mr. Then. Kamsey, of 
St Louis,. Mr. Henry Lewi* and Miss 
Hazel Morrison. -A wry pleasant af- 
ternoon' wai reported Mr*.' Eddie 

Simms and son, Prof. H. J. Sim ma, had 
as their guest* lut Sunday, -Mr*. B. 
Slaughter, of St. I.oui*. Mrs. J. T. Gas- 
ton, of 1200 West Hi-iity St. Louis, and 
Mr. 8. P. Vaught, of ' Johnson City, 
Teon. A joyful afternoon wan re- 


Mis* Myrtle Grove* left last Sunday 
for fcer home in Moberly, S£o., taking 
Viola' Clay with her as far St. Louis, 
Mo Mr. Clare nee" Elliott wai in Mo- 
selle last Sunday. The exercise in Mo- 
selle was largely attended by both 
white and Colored. .Miss Ella Ewing, 
Master Kwing, Walter Wallace, Mrs. 
Chas. Wallace and mother, Mrs. Sweez- 
er, of Hobertsville, were vi*itiog Mr«. 
O. Wallace last Sundas Miss Amer- 
ica Bronks is visiting friends in St. 
Clair this week... .Mrs. Clara Prim is 

on (he mend Mrs. Chas. Murray had 

as her guests lait Wednesday Misses 
Groves, Ella Ewing, Prance* Murray 
and Mr«. H. D. Cooper. 


Owinir to the inclement weather the 
past week the pastor of tho congrega- 
tion of Wesley Chapel postponed their 
chartered ear trip to Alton until "a lat- 
er date. There will be. moving pic- 
tures at Mt. Joy Baptist Church May 
4, depicting the lives and events of 
Lincoln and Washington. . .Bcv. Dickey 
will preach at Wcilcy Chapel Wcdnes-' 

day evening, May 2 Mr. Thomas 

Scott ia on tbe sick list Tho restau- 
rant formerly owned and run by Mr, 
and" Mr:'.- W. D. Jenkins on North 
Main St., is likely to be opened soon 
under new management. .. .Miss Qene- 
vie ye C. Bearcy returned from Ot- 
tumwa, Iowa, last week. .'. .Messrs. 
Courtney and Benjamin Lewis, of this 
city, opened a restaurant on Broadway, 
East St. Louis, H.I., last week. 


•* By Beaals Page 

Two convert* were baptized last Sun- 
day morning at il a. m.. by Rev. ;gf, H. 
[femes, who U the dutiful beloved pas- 
tor of Mt. Olive Baptiat Church. Mr. 
John Taylor anil Master Harry Hunter 
were among the convert*. ...The two 
weeks' mothers' meeting at tho school 
house, Mr*. Wade, Hunter, Taylor and 
Stmpsan were.- pleased with the de- 
lightful visit of Madam Page and bet 
manager, Khodn, and returned with 
beautiful flowers, .v. The home of Mr. 
and Mr*. Griffin was, vi*itcd by the 
stork lately. ,_- \ 

By MlM IX r. Baker 
Little Mia* Stella Clark was hostess 
to a number of young people at her 
home Sunday afternoon' in commemora- 
tion of her twelfth birthday.... Miss 
Helen M. tals. went to Ste. Genevieve 
Sunday to be maid of honor at the mar- 
riage of bar sister. Ml** Bertha 
Mnthiaa, to Mr. Lemmie Ambrough... ■.,_ 
Mr. Talbert Burn* i* viiiting old com- 
rade* at Coffman. .". .Uiaa Alice Swink 
entertained a number of young people 
at her horns Tuesday evening with deli- 
cate refreshments and popular amuse- 
ment*. ...Mr. and Mra.' Jerry Bridges 
and Mra. Mazic Lyons were guc«t*ya' 
Mr. nnd Mr*. P. M. Cayee Sunday... 
Mlia Lornne Staten has returned from 

a business trip to Coffman Master 

Allen Schafer was pleased to entertain 
hi* father, Mr. Albert Schafer, of 
Crystal City, the latter part of tho 

week Mr*. Lewi* Murphy end Floyd 

Kennedy were ivith home folk* Sun- 
day Little Louise, daughter of Mr*. 

Mabel Harris, ha* been quite til for.-tev- 
eral days. ...Mr*. W. H. Spurlock'ia 
preparing some little misses for a May 
drill which will be announced later. . . . 
Douglass School ia preparing for coin, 
meneement eierelses.'. .-.Mr. Howard 
Overton h>* returned, to St. Louis. . . . 
Mlis Maty -McAllister is among tbe 

numbered ill of this week Cupid has 

been htylfhg his darts around our. vicin- 
ity and Ant and last some one is going 
to. step off. 

By Ml*. S. B. Vtllars 
Irs. Ella 

William* and little daugh- 
ter, of Detroit, Mich., are visiting Mr. 
and Mr*. B. F. Davis. .. .Mra. A. Col- 
lins left for Here ulan cum after a 
week's visit with her «i*ter, Mrs. Hat- 
tie Villars We are glad' to have 

with u* Rev. W. H. H. Brown, who ii 
now paator in Haven " Chapel M. E. 
Church, Kev. Brown preached two very 
instructive sermon*, his subject in the 
morning was "Christian Fellowship" 
and tbe evening sermon was' "Divine 
Fullness". . ..Mr. Carl Thompson was 
the guMt uf Mr. and Mr*., Ed. Brown 

Saturday and Sunday Mis* N'oln 

and Mr. Earae] Brown are visiting in 
St. Louis rhi« week.... Mrs. Ivory 
'Side* and family have moved back to 
st. Louis.... Mr*. M. 6. Viltar* enter/| 
talnod Bev. W.C Allen at dinnerSu 
day. .. .Everything is looking very n 
at Mine La Motte, since about two hu 
dred men are out of employment, son 
of the boy* are living in hopes wbl 
other* are thinking of going to war. 
Mr. 8- Cayce is visiting his moth 
Mra H. Cayce. 



/B* B. Loper 
Mrs. Delia Robinson, of St. Louis, 
t* visiting her aunt, Mrs. James Jese. 
....Rev. F. A. Bates, of CorinthUn 
Baptist Church, of St. Louis, is carry- 
ing on revival at Mt. Zton in this 

city Mr. Grady R. Jackson and wife, 

of Muskogee. Oklahoma, visited his 

bfother,' Dr. Jackson, last, week The 

two dramas given at the Odd Fellows 
Hall, and at the Mt.- Zion Baptiat 

Church were quite, a success Mr. 

Benjamin Jackson, M. D., of Walden 
University, will arrive this week to as- 
sist hli-brjther'in the office. 

Br Mr*. O. p. Jaciaon 

fe &*■ M. Burford, of Pine St 
»*» ha* been iU for a long time i* 
able- to be out again.'. . .Bev. T. Pariah 
preached anescellont sermon Sunday 
to 5*4 Boy 8e«jt», after which a pro- 
gmrn was rendered by the boy*.... The 
preachers' conference met with Bev 
PUIip., Tuesday.. ..Mr. Joe JohHson, 
otMorroeo,; wai the gueit of his daugh- 
ter, Mrs. Frank Boykinr, Sunday 
B«V. Ctim will have his eloaing ierv- 
ices Sunday at Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church, also baptizing in tbe after- 
noon. A program will be rendered by 
the best talent of the eliy. All the 
paator* and their congregations of the 
varions churehes will bo present. 
Little Mia* Octavia Spencer, the Leuu. 
ufnl ten j-ear old daughter of Mr. and 
Mr*. Ben Spencer, was preaeated with 
dainty lavaliero by Mrs. H. L. Pbil- 
Upe and others for acting as orgnnl*t 
during tho Easter ciercise. . .Rev Crite 
of Caruthersville, fc°., prekched Sun- 
day morning and night at' Pleasant 
HOI.... The Stowardesa Board of the 
A. M. E. Church was highly entertained 
last Tuesday night by Mesdawe* C. 
Doner and L. Bay, . a dainty two- 
course menu was served and a pleasant 
evening wa* spent. .. .Mr*. Ben Spen- 
cer, president; Mr*. Bettio Jackson. 

•eeretory The member* of the C. 

M. E. Church under the, direction of 
their pa«tor, wilt begin soon to remodel 
their church as they will entertain the 

•nnual conference Elisha .Duke re'- 

eeived a message from hi* father, Rev. 
1. Duke, of. New Madrid, Mo., an- 
nouncing tho death, of hi* baby broth- 
er. Eliaha left Sunday for New Mad- 


rid... .Raw. T. A. Herman, the newly 
elected paator of the M. E. Church, 
preached, an excellent aermon Sunday. 


A crisis in our country is again call 
log to the front, why stand vou 

We want 2,000 fighting men between 
the age* of 18 and 35 of good moral 
character to represent our race in the 
defence of our country. Will you be 
nntf If *o, then report 'at once to our 
headquarters. 27,1.1 Market Street, and 
give your "name and address to Walter 
Fearaftec, organization clerk. 

B. E.Watkins. Organiier. 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

tf yon would like to have mora 
lustrous, Bowing, beutrfaL long, 
- atiaight. hair; uie one J*r of ZynoJ 
Hair Grower and Straightener. Price, 
50 cent*, sent prepaid everywhere. Re- 
liable agent* wanted. Zynol Toilet 
Product* Co.. 6 South Ewing Ave.. 
St Lonlt. Mo. 


Son-,- u's^na* m ■**. ita. Wd« 
ror t«s ta* trs* esaan. 


Chauffeura and automobile owners 
may obtain application card* for 
lieen** from Attorney Oeo. L. Vaughn, 
Notary Public, 333* Market Si 
Phones. Boaiout 1B4A, Central 8371. 

Why Jem* never married? There 
■* a re*son. Send ten cent* in (tamp* 
tor booklet. Alto Truth About the 
Bible, 13.00; Sexology of the Bible. 
1200; 'Why Je.u* Wa* a Man and Not 
a Woman, 12.00. By Sidney C Tnpp, 
406 Reliance Btdg, Kan*aa dry. Mo. 


nine Oil iwmidp is sn nltie oil. site am' 
sLLlphur preparation, better than ill other- 

:,L - n..!!!'-|!iif :■■ ,l!|[i:i!l illil . 

H-t* ■ fy selllau K. be- 
■ >.jjn [ji'i.-i'i-cuh'ni anJ no 
luntrer tie hns-eil ariiuml 

nuke tjif' money 

tfoDW ■ nrtek; ' 
lalktnir rt-qnlml: 

ami wbulriale prices 
Bo. SU.1 "Noaiclalr. \. L. L. 8. k. 





Largest Colored Fraternal Insurance 
Order in the World. 

Iniures Againit Old Age, Sickneit, Permanent Diubility, Accident and Death. 
$150,0,0 Tor Protection Of Policy Holden • 
340 ,000 Paid aa Benefit* 
$30,000,00 Of Written 
The Only Society Extending Woodcraft to Colored People 


Costs no more -than that Commercial Policy that 
ijives only .sick benefits. For same price you are - 
now paying for little sick benefit. The American 
'■ . ' Woodmen will pay you while you live and leave 

your family independent. ■ - * 

Up-to-datm; Ymu, Ahmad of Dat*. Outtid* thm Bmatmn Path of Lifm lamurancm. 
Universally Popular Kates Never Changing 

, v ?Qur(d asm Gold Dollar Solid aa Gibraltar. 

Inquire Of . 

GEO. C. MARTIN nnd H. L. BILLL'PS, National Deputie* 

"""■" " -'■ ' "UTLEB. Deputie* ' , 

KNOX. 1\ A. ROSS and P. 

Douglass Hotel, Cor. Beaumont and Lawton 

Phone, Kin. Cen. 5396-L 



■■ ■:W-;! ! '-, : ., 1 ' ■■■-.--.-■ '''. '■;■■ WJyiWWfP 



§Ijf £t Cnttis Argus 


* .&BY THE 

aAgus pubtlishing. company 

,J___„__„ Mntiiglnsr Editor 

Edi.tor and Advertising Manager 

Address all Communication to 




Six •Monthly. 
Three Months. 
Single copy... 

Advertising Rales Furnished on Request 

■ roiutr April S. 1S11 Bl Lh« Feat Office at Salat Louia. at [j Hurt, iindar 


In many cities Bast, West, North, South, meetings are being 
hel^l public demonstrations made and eve nyoung women are being 
pressed into service to entice the men to join the army. Hugh 
signs, moving pictures and every imaginable device is being used, 
not only in the cities, but in th'e rural districts and country towns 
to stir men to a full realization that "Your Country Needs You.' 
On the street corners, in public places, in private places, the con 
slant sign is before ones eyes, Men Wanted for the army, for the 
Navy, for the Marine Corps. 

The constant plea for men is enough to stir the most indifferent 
to the height of patrotism. These appealing entreaties make the 
Negro forget the injustices that are heaped upon him in this court- 
try. It makes him feel that the only country that he knows any 
thing about is in danger and needs his aid. The picture of the 
siun, Men Wanted is constantly before him.' He makes up his 
mind that he will answer the call. Full of enthusiasm and patrot- 
ism he presents' himself to the nearest recruiting office for enlist- 
ment, only to be -met with the reply, "No Colored Wanted." As he 
stands there a few minutes, he sees the officer in charge begging 
men and mere boys who- happened to be white to come and join. He 
hears him tell them of the opportunities for travel and education; 
hears him tell them of meritorious service and promotion; hears 
this officer tell of compensation offered by the' government and civ- 
ilians to those who enlist now. All of this is done before his eyes 
Then we see him turn his face in the direction- from whence he 
came, with his enthusiasm. turned info coolness and his patrotism 
stultified. . , . - ■ ' 

The conscription bill does not mean the colored man, because 
he has always been ready when given a chance as .volunteer. It 
Well known that- he is no "slacker." but is always ready to do his 
"bits" in defense of his country, Why should the government at 
this time, when the enemies are without and within suffer, a class 
01 its most loyal citizens to be futher humilitated? 

Those signs should state class or the color of rheii. or the word 
men should be clearly defined.- The Negroes of this country at a 
time like this want to feel as other men. They are gathering in 
their churches and and places' of assemblages and pledging their 
loyalty, working up enthusiasm and patriotism. But what will 
happen when he wants to prove hi* (loyalty 7 He is told that he 
ia not wanted. This condition is not right, iV^is not just," "The 
mill's of God grind slowly, but exceedingly fine." \ 

Recently the Southern Press has been loud in its attack on 
the German "spies" whom it is claimed are invading every .rural 
district in the South spreading disloyal propaganda among Ne- 
groes. The Negroes -throughout' the country who knows something 
of the various methods used by the white man of the South to cre- 
ate public sentiment against the Negro, looked upon the "German 
Agent" .agitation with suspicions. Every one well acquainted with 
conditions in the Sou hh could see that there were ulterior motives. 
in this accusation. The real motive was to "strike the Negro and 
hide their hands behind the German plot." 

Murder Behind the "fat. " / 

The best informed foresaw that murder and intimidation 
would foljow. This fait is borne out by recent attacks on Negroes 
in Arkansas. It is reported that Negroes are hot allowed to meet 
in their lodge rooms.. Officers are raiding their meetings, taking 
their records and books. In some instances Negroes have been 
■'- fired upon. - i 

Public Whipping Pott* have been instituted in some sections 
I and a Negro girl. Oilier Lurosey, was tied to one poet, the men and 
boys of the town publicly whippirtg.her. One reporta%ays tbifttVe 
blood ran down her back to the street. A^Negro' youth, Cheater 
.Dunn was ahotand killed while fleeing the mob. Two other Ne- 
groes were shot/and several have been driven from their homes 
This is the real reason for all ' of this talk of German Negro plot 
It is high time for the white men of (.he South to wake up and" come 
to the full realization that they "cannot fool all the people all the 
time". - 

Coming Monday Night, May 7 

day school at l;|%u. There will be 

special thank BfferiEg taken fsoaday 
(or the work in »>w of patter Stev- 
tbirty years tjn the gospel minis- 
try. Every member is expected to bo 
out Sunday to hear the first note of 
the great Spring flojancial campaign 
struck. , ."__. — 

Character Impersonator and Header: Metropolitan A. H. E. Zion 
Church, Dr. B. Garland Shaw, Pastor. 


Come and read our "Living ll:i,:-i 
iiac," May 11, n[ Wh.en.tley Branch 
V. W. 0. A., by Banuekcr Bchwl 
Mrs. Belle Cnite, president; Mr*. Lor.-n 
to lilnnrnn, secretary: Mrs. Oscar .1 
Marshall, treasurer; Prof. E. 8. Wil. 
Hams, principal. 


Tho Melrose Art Club met at tin- 
residence of Mrs. droves, 2912n.Luiin 
Ave., April 28, with 1W member* pr.-.- 
ent. Visitor*: Mrs. W. I'enrrc and 
Mrs. Pauline Harris. The meeting was 
opened by the vice-president. The af- 
ternoon was s]>eht in crocheting. Mrs. 
droves, as usual a cbnrming hos!<*a, 
served a delightful luncheon. Mrs. 
Peanje cipj-esaed herself as being de- 
lighted with the Work of the dub. 
Everybody departed expressing them- 
selves as having a delightful time. The 
next meeting will be held nt the real; 
denco of Mrs. Jones, MftOb Lucas Ave., 
May 4. Mrs. Bell DuveLI, president; 
Mm. Ora Jones, secretary;- Elvira Jack- 
son, reporter. 

There will be a bevy of girls at 
Wheat ley Branch V. W. C. A. Sunday 
at 4:4S P. M. 


v. Dr. J. L. Griffin preached in til 
:hea in the city. A great number 
have joined the church. Over two hun- 
dred dollars was raised for church arid 
heritable purposes. Bev. J. L. Griffin 
■ ill preach all day Sunday at the brick 
burrb on Jefferson and Hcott. Ai-eaiiei 
it 11 a. m., 3 p. in. n.nd 7:30 p. m. 
Rally and freo,dio.ticr. Rev. Dr. ilrif- 
I will give away Sunday night, free, 
ham, sack or flour, sugar and coffeeL 
Everybody welcome. - Kvery minister 
and hia congregation arc invited. 




> MAKINfi 

•£-'' ..'" = 


COMPLETE course of instructions enabling bee-inner* to learn 
tie art of HAT MAKING and Rer.oValm t Atf«-«a Chi iTteat 

2751 Market St. 

« Renovating ■ 
b* obtained by I 

St Loan, No, 


Heine] bit) a glorious we. 

week. The sermons by Rev. 
were wonderful. Ae yet 
been no eonv'ciaidn*, but v 
pect a shout in the camp- tbi* 
Mr. Carl Ashby has returned bark- to 
the fnld and wan gladly received. Paa- 
tor Perry preached a ' soul-stining ser.- 
n Bnnday a(terr.on. At night we 
had another powerful sermon by Rev. 

".Hall. Rev. Washington, of the 
Compton Hill Baptist Church, was a 
most welcome visitor -Sunday night and 
has been verv useful in' out revival. 
Miss Ethel Brown, the secretary of oar 
Sunday school. has be«n''very sick bat 
is some- better. Bro. Thomas 'liuaaell 
came home %om the hospital last week 
Mr. Wm- Rhodes tad a very -.-nous 
accident Sunday by /ailing . from a 
ladder. Mrs. Jalia Winston -■■..- ; i -. ! our 
serviee Sunday night. , Rev. jtV. W. 
JPe'rry,. paitor; LilliaB Pinkney, ,:lerk. 

Beveii Church Baptist foion met on 
Monday night. April 30. in the first 
Corinthiaa Baptiat Church, 618 Ant*-' 
lope Ave. The .meeting' wn* a good* 
one and a good sermon waa preached 
by Rev. L> B. Chaiaey,. paator of Magda- 
lene Baptiat Chorea. Pastor Ander- 
son he's been in ■ eoul- saving meeting-. 
A collection o'f 113.75 ™ token ap. 
The women's anxillaty will saeet with 
the Madgalene Baptiat CTeoreh, MM 
Market St., at 2 p, m. AH. ore eordinBy 
invited" to. attend. A nice progroa 
wfdl be rrndereel. Neat meeting. N»w- 
houae Baptist Church. 1«W Morgan 8t- 
Be». J. W. Hill^ preaide%t; I- E. Md 


By Besaia Page 

Visitor! welcome to this homelike 
church. Covenant and baptizing Sun- 
day. Putor Moseley to All the pulpit 
Knnrioy. Many hove joined and have 
been restored :n -church since hie ob- 
senee. Rev. Venerable has delivered 
delightful and,sou)*stirring sermons and 
candidates have found Jesus. Home 
celebration at the Tabernacle two Sun- 
days in May. Prophet Jones »t 2flth 
and Morgan (Old Zion). Hear him. 

Rev. Dr. S. U v»m, the noted Bible 
scholar and in-tructor, will conduct a 
Bible institute, at Central' jfpt ten day* 
from May « to May 18. There will be. 
two sejtions a day at 3:30 p.m. 
7:45 p.m. Christiana of all churches 
s,re invited to eeme with Bible, papai 
and peneil. All Sunday school teach- 
ers and workers, all mission workers, 
all who are interested in the Y. M. C. 
A. and the 'Y. W. O. A„ nil who arc 
aspiring to the gospel ministry, 
these aro urged to come to this i 
tute. Dr. Voaa has a nation-wide name 
not only as a Biblo teacher, . bat he i 
also a moat inspiring preacher. Each 
night -his instructions will be in the 
forni_of a jermnn -lecture on the Scrip- 
tures. Tbe Bible will be a new book 
and' have anew eharm for all who at 
tend these studies. All 'are welcome. 
The Central Baptist Church is on 1 
corner, of Ewing nnd Washington A 

Mrs. Curtalndoll 
Dies At Boley r Ok. 

Boley, Oklahoma, where the went with 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Haiuea, eight 
yean ago. Mrs. Cnrtoindoll was TO 
year* old, and while residing in Bt. jT _ 
Louis waa a well known member of 
St. Paul's Chapel - \' * 

She died at-the home of Mr. Dennis 
Balnea, after s lingering illneei of on* ., 
year, of rneumatiom of the stomach. 
She made many friends in Boley, and 
waa held in such high esteem that all* 
business houses closed their doors on 
the day of her funeral, and the people 
turned out en masee to attend the fu- 
neral, which waa conducted at the A. M. ,' 
E. Churth, by four of the -leading min- 
isters of the town'. 

Mrs. Cnrtaindqll in survived by an 
only son, Marshall Corteindolt, of 2911 
Pine Street, an only daughter, Mrs. 
Mary Haines, of Boley, Okltl, by a 
brother, Alexander (Sandy) Savington, 
of Kansas City, and by two arand- 
chitdren, Freddie, and Austin llnines. 
children of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis, 
Haines. . .- 

Mrs. Marshall Cnrtaindoll," who; went 
from St. Louis in attend the. funeral 
will., remain in Boley somo time to Visit 
the Haines family. " 

Sunday morning at 7 o'clock, Holy 
Communion will be administered by 
Rev. S. ?:. Arthur, who was the preach 
er last Sunday at 11 o'clock. At 11 
o'clock there will be morning prayer 
with sermon, and at 8 p.- in. evening 
prayer. All are invited to attend 
theao services. 


Special meeting at Wsyman Chapel, 
Sunday, 3 p. m. Mint. . Frantic E. 
Motin, presidetat Motin School of Ex- 
pression,, will be the speaker. Uiinv 
Cecil Watts,- the great Gospel singer, 
will sing Cod's promises. The^niblie is 


The .great; dramatic reoder and char- 
ncler impe/*BOtor. Mme. Jennie Watts 
Brown, OtjfmSUga, 111. A redem-ption 
of souls, Spiritualist Church, S15 N. 
Beaumont St.,. Thursday evening, May 
10. 1017. Mrs. Hattie Hatch ..manager'; 
Benj. J. D. Miller, pastor. Admission, 
25 cents. Mme. Brown is -beyond all 
others in a Class to herself oa a dra- 
matic render asd character imperson- 
ator of ability. 

The services last Sunday, were en- 
joyed by o large crowd. At 11:00 a. 
Da. the song service by the .choir was 
very good. The sermon by the pastor. 
Rev. Dnnavant, at UlSO'Jc'm- The 
Sunday school, It 1:30 p. th., is show- 
a good - improvement,, enrolling ~a 
ier of now pupils and. also ihtro- 
dueing Ave new- viajtors. At 3i00 p. 
the pastor and/eongregntion went 
the First Baptist Church, where he 
delivered a special sermon and after 
which he baptized one of our candi- 
ates for baptism. ■ 


(Additional Leonard Av 
The B. Y. P., U. at d; 
Qtrtag improvement. - Special talks 
•re mode by Ur. Thom'oa, R F, Small 
<d W. Dawson. .Wo> are glad to an- 
mnce three new acceasions to the 
Urth Sunday morning. The plans of 
ir new church will be ready for pub- 
lication in the near foture. Onr slo- 
gan is, ".Wateh Cs Grow." 

Magdalene Baptist Church, 3430 Mar- 
ket. Sunday aehool-9:30 a. m. Pleach- 
ing, -11:66 a, m. B.' Y. P. TJ., 0:30 p. 
m. Preaching, 8:00 p. m. Midweek 
services, Tuesday oigfat, jijeachiiig 8:00 
p. m. Thursday night prayer meeting; 
fourth Friday night each month, Mis^ 
sion Circle. Communion first Sunday 
night' each month. Bev. L.-B. Chancy. 
Pastor. Sister M. B. Hordia, Clerkr 

■Jnion A. 31. E. Charch, Shady and 
Lincoln Ave*:, Bev. W. li. Fear son, 
Factor; J. E. Sanders, Secretory and 
Superintendent of 'Sunday aenool. 
Freaelting, 1I.:00 a. m. and 8:30 p. m. 
Class- meeting Thursday night. 


Paator 'Steveni i- quite restored to 
heal in Ugain. He will preach in, the 
moralag.l Tie will addresa at 
Clayton, in the sftrraoon. At night 
tbr Bev.' Dr. Uswia C Sheafe, of Loa 
Arurelnt, California, wijl preach.. There 
will be a -pecis! program itf the Run- 


Dr. X. L. Smith, pastor, has returned 
after spending several days in Jackso 
Tenn., attending the General Board of 
the C. M. B. Chnrch. -He will All the 
pulpit Sunday. Rev. J. A. Winters, of 
Chicago, III., former pastor, will preach 
Sunday afternoon. 

The rally is near at hand, let every 
captain and member strive to do their 
best in this effort. 

All aro invited. Strangers are al- 
ways welcome. - 

Dr. J. W Gilbert, of Augusta, Go., 
en route to General Board, spent .Sntjir- 
day and Sunday with Dr. Smith: Sun- 
day evening he preached a ureal ser- 
mon. The Doctor was at himself and 
swayed tbe vast audience with his usu- 
al eloquence. 


The beginning of tbe fltit week's 
festivities' at Metropolitan A. St. E. 
Zion Church is meeting with splendid 
success. Every night has proven a 
rare treat.' Monday night, May. 7, is 
scheduled as the big overflow night, 
as Miss Jesnette Brown, of Chicago, 
will appear there. 

. Last Sunday was another ' record 
breaker. Bev. Dr. B. G. Shaw, deliv- 
ered one of those great sensational 
sermons that swept sixteen new mem- 
bers into the church during the day. 
Between seventy-Jive end one hun- 
dred young me* .went to the- nltor for 
prayer. The pastor will close his series 
of sermons on. The Second Advent of 
Jesus Christ, Sunday, May & Special 
ntusie every Sunday by tbe choir. 

The Sunday school it straining every 
nerve to- enroll one hundred new stu- 
dents Sunday. 

The coming of the Mandolin and Glee 
Clubs of.. Lincoln Institute waa a great 
To soy the least it was wonder- 


Try Juadam- Bailey t wonderful hair 
restorer. Thin snows tbe, great Maolts 
of her work after one and one-half 
years' treatment. She is always 
led t« see yon it any ti-.e, at 
4211 Finney Ave., or eall Lindell 

WANTED.— Two girls, experienced 
in hair dressing. Also two ,girls to 
learn. Pay while learning. Mrs. E.. 
Slaughter Gamble, 3001 Lo>ton ; St. 
Louis, If u. 

WANTED.*-Qirl or woman to do 
leaning every Sunday morning. .Call 
Suhfluy morning before 10 o'clock, 
3044 Marnice PI. 

FOB RENT.— Furnished rooms with 

modern ronveniences. Ladies or gen- 

■n. Apply 4300 West Belle PI. 

£OR RENT.— Neatly furnished front 
om for" two. gentlemen. Modern con- 
veniences, Coll Lindell 4474W, or. ap- 
ply 4322 West Belle, Mrs. Butler. 

5— iiL, 

FOR KENT.— Nicely furnished 
roo«s; all modern conveiences.- Apply 
4447 West Belle or telephone Forest 



Come again! 


Sunday, April 29, was a day long to 
be remembefed by the vast congrega- 
tion who worshiped at St. Paul at both. 
>rning and evening services. Dr. 
Johnson sele'cted for his discourse 
Precious Pearls" In tbe utaraiug, 
which was 'fuU of spiritual power. 
Come and hear him cpnvinced- 

special invitation to strangera. 
The thirty-four class leaden re- 
sponded to the (5.00 roll eall. Sunday 
morning as did the faithful stewards 

d trustets. The classes aad auxili- 
aries reported in the afternoon and 
night cud it the close of class Tues- 
day night S],203.is3 was reported and 

few reports are still to come. in. 

e aaseuaitnt wee (1,450. Bro. S. R. 
Stanley, leader of Close No. 5 walked 
oft" with the blue ribbon by reporting 
tl'00.00 for bis claw. Bishop. Parks 
woe 1 with .ni a abort while Tneadoy' 

A. C. E. League 

e eitv. . Subject, 
r,".l '&frT*13:l- 

. You arc invited to our service* each 
Sunday at fl:30 p. m. Special Invito; 
tlon to strange i 
Sunday, -May ft 

A very pleasant 'executive board 
meeting Wednesday night and moat 
royal' entertainment by onr paster and 
wife:' "..''-' 
, Junior League, Sunday, S to ftp. m. 
Children especially invited and wel- 

Seventeen. yean of honest . upright 
bncincca bu won for me many custom- 
ers and friends. Dr. William Knight, 
the jeweler. 2335 Market St. 

All St. Louis ia going on Brit moon- 
light eicunion of (he seuea on Mon- 
day evening, May 14. Jessie J. John- 
of ce rem o aies. 

WANTED.— Girl wanted who is able 
to use typewriter.. Apply in the mom- ' 
iog, Zyndl Toilet Products Co., ft South 
Ewing Ay*\ - 

WANTED.— A girl or woman to do 
cleaning- every Sunday morning; Apply 
3044 Marnice PC 

WANTED; A borne by a boy 12 
years oldi.eoontrj home perferred. He 
is now. living with his parents.- Ad- 
dress St. Louis Ar£us, Box 3. - 


Win yon attend our special ' services 
on Sunday evening nt 7:30 o'elockf 
A musical street to clL Bereon Preeby- 
terion Choreh, 3015 Pine St Wm. 
Jones, yice^resident. Rev. S. W. Parr 
pastor. . 

Glasses to fit your eyes for 

$1.00 and Up. 

. Gold filled Eye Glsss-Frkmea 

and Mountimr of the Very best 

quality and lowest (vices. 

2335 Mirket St. 

17 Yeara in Jewelry and OptiesJ^ 





■"'JF i -'HP 




Mil. M. J. MiUan ia it ill quite ill. 

Mrs. W. C. Gordon has been confined 
to her room for tkl put week. 

Mm. Jennie Bandore, of «8U3 Fin- 
ney Avi'., in able to be ant again, after 
an illness of several weeks. 

Tke etork visited tbe home of Mr., 
Ud Mrs. Edgar Jones, 3105 Caroline' 
St-, and left a fine buy. 

Mr. L. U. Shwhleferd left tbe city 
Friday en route lor his home, Detroit, 
Mieh., after (pending several weeks 
hire with old friende. ' 

Don't mini tbe first of the Di-Luxc 
Mnlinesa Dance* at Almack Academy, 
Jefferson and Pine Streets, Saturday, 
May 12, 3 to 7 p. m. 

There will be a matinee dance given 
by the Jolly Junior Clftb Saturday af- 
ternoon, May 5, lis 1 7, from 1 to 7 
o 'clock at Douglass Hall. 

Mra. Myrtle Bronson-Scorloek, «if 
of. Dr. Scnrlock. of Carutheravitle, Mo 
returned home bint Sunday after a In- 
weeks- 1 visit with her mother, Mrs. Evs 
Bronson, 3130 Pine. ■ 

O. C. Martin, National Deputy, 
American Woodmen, has returned to 
this city after spending a week in 
Louisville in the interest Of the treft. 
He atatea the "Fall City" ia' alive 
and on his next trip a large camp will 
be set up in Louisville. 

' DSpVrtment"' in 

.the ".Oirla'ttqfcrtKent" in full 
i at Wheat ley Brunch Sunday, 

«!1 qt 

Viqi ot ao-totu oqe ujum 'janioui 
iii-.v apuhu ii\n .i'iiiuoj itq pan 
■uauunqi -ifj 'una i»H 'Joi-iuj, pun 
paaitjijj; u*w»jeq 'auotl («0AV uo jiuoii 
|nji|nwq a .qltnoq saq -j.ijiu.i.i| \- t -j_ 
'3 'Ai » n usyo 'ilia too psit*u oiJv 
i.n;,i.i suiOB uij.n ■oaniinq^, «nT '"ip; 

Again to tbe front in the membership 
campaign- of the A. V. K. nnd'D, of A. 
Forty-five new members 'were initialed 
Monday night for' various-, eonnoils. 
Silver Leaf Council No. sou, tke larg- 
est in the Missouri jurisdiction. «i.s in 
the lead, having fourteen new mem- 
bers. Mr*. Jnlia Onrdell ia the Mo** 
Excellent Queen. 

Mrs. B: W. Stewart, wife of Rev. B. 
\Y. fctiewnrt, of 3315 Lawton Ave., has 
-been ill for several wecka and is slow- 



.-eitli-inent work, now loeajwd at 1528 
Morgan AX., holds meeting for tbe chil- 
dren . Tuesdays and Fridays at .three 
thirty p: m. Public meetings are- held 
Wednesday night. The greatest mis- 
sion services are held every Sunday at 
eight p. m. 


Miss Luvema Hall was one of the 
luiirablc soloists of the Lincoln In. 

itute Glee and Mandolin. Club eqter- 
linment Wednesday " night, at the 
fetropoliran A. M. E. Zion Church. 

is* Hull is n nioec of Mr. W. 6, Max- 
ell rnd was mneh feted during li>r 

rii in 8i. Louis last summer. 

music at the Girts' Meeti 

of 2 ill 7 Sheridan 
for the pnsf two 
improving at this 

i. Edith And 

ews, of •! 

Vednesdny for Oallatii 

d the bedside 

of In-; mo 


MA. Sidney Person-Holland, of Jack- 
son, Tenn., spent a lew days in the 
city last week, the guest of Mrs. C. J 
Ball, ■■» Finney Ave. 

Laura L. find gallic J. Cathrell 
daughters • of Mr. and Mrs. Walter B 
Cathrell, 4049 Plnnev Ave. . ' 


Chaster Whitlow. 103 fi, Jefferson 

Mildred Bell SI4n S. Ewing 

Frank Dnrscy M22 .W. Belle 

Clara Belle Frazier 3fl(l(l Lawton 

Henry Smith 3430 Lawton 

-Mnll.ii' Washington 3-136 Lawton 

Eira Douglas,. ....2921 Pine 

Battie Lyles 3202 Morgan 

C. Tredway Street 1361 N. Market 

Diana Mac Haotte 4330a Lucky 

Enafamon Louis Lee... #13 N. Garrison 
Evelyn I.ueltn. Canaan.. .4489 Coitnge 

John Tate . . . .' 1443 O 'Fallon 

Mrs. Mnry-B. Williams 120S Wash- 
Smith Harris \ 911 Iron 

Mra. Hunnio Spencer 911 Iron 

Thomas Dent 1320 Franklin 

Mrs. Carrie. Waahington 1324. Wash 

Raymond Sanders 181H Whit tier 

Clara B. Miller 42BS Garfield 

James C. Rollins 233S Car* 

Mrs. Rachel Doiier. . .' 2338 Carr 

Modie Epps .....3120 LaSali* 

Motto. — Do business with a a nigh 
live. whenever tbis ia poaaiblc, but ai 
any rate do business with your owi 
rure — A n.eiieuu Woodmen. 

Miaa Mabel U. Turner, of Pino St., 

iderwent a successful operation April 

30 and will be ytad to Bee her many 

friends. They may nod her in Waid 

So, lu, City Hospital. 

Mrs. Ida Mae Smith, ot 421o i'iB- 
tage Ave., president of Aristojle Cro- 
chet Club,, entertained the elub with a 
pretty six o'clock dinner Wednesday, 
April 25. Crocheting waa the feature 
of the afternoon. The visitors were: 
Mrs. OUte Wright, Mrs. Emma Hamil- 
ton. Mrs. Bessie Oriswold and little 
Mies' Ma Man Wright Mra. Ida Mae 
Smith, president; Mrs. Laura Murphy, 
secretary. / 

-^lra. Mil 

6io. 3 S. ■•■2 

■sjmnS itfi nan euJ»H ».!1*H ««!K 
pun )JnH 'ooqBKJBj 'ooajjqoji 'uos^jiq 
■«dii|iqj 'uonnua 'oriiooo 'a]ji*^ 'H30{ 
-rndg idmapupc -.jraii an,) jo nloq 
•lUJul imoajq ot paiuui oja.n tuivi.'C C 
•j, pus aouaio J*lj«.« , *I<[l!1d ^«H 
.vjmup«d)^ v^rud Kuiuuih .Lifuuiri pu'u 
■ji3v 'nosaiaji.w "omepMR -Mhibj.ij 
»m JOi inamasnula jqi poqsjiunj' itiqu 
pun uajisd ta.u nnom jqj, -iapjimiy 
" i**[ JJUjpLsJJ -Ijq la ajuivq [aiujuju| 
atr) pjni«ij»inj piOBam 'j -g sin 

Miss Hallic Brown addTPssed Ike 
meeting in a short, entertaining talk, 
mgingj tbe club women to assist In 
clearing ihr Frederick -Douglass Home^,: 
frnm debt, in order that it might be 
held as a memorial of him by the 
Colured .wooien of Anierica* >;':.■ also 
-urged the women to aid* in c\?cy >*o:«- 
sihle way in the present .war. Mrs. 
Ferguson, of Washington, D. C. also 
spoke.. Mrs- 'Victori.a <'. Haley ad- 

, dressed (be club' on .the Douglass Me. 

' 'Diorial. Mrs. Stafford gave an excellent 
review on the French draine and of 
|CyT»nq,. by Rostand. 'Mrs. Pinkett 
gave an exposition ' of -women ' in 
French literature.' 

rs. Mildred Johnson, formerly uf 
id street,Jtiut now of Sew 
Vork, andtrarent a serious operation 
two weeks ago, but is improving ra|>- 

bostess to tbe Book Lovers Sacurdny 
butfon account of illness lu the fam 
ily. Mrit SttAna* served for her at 
the Whea t ley /u ranch. 

Mr. Garfield Bell, of 4435a Cottage 
Ave-, who baa beco in<ti«~,aed from 
arcidenf, is ntueh improved and is able 
to get out again. Wa wish to thank' 
iiur neighbors and friends for their 

A linen shower was given oii'April 
25 at the residence of Miss Anna Belle 
Chapman in hunor of Mrs, Tread way 
Street, who waa until last Saturday- 
Miss Diana Mae Route. Many beaut: 
ful presents We're received and all ri 
purled a pleasant time. 

LiMie Shaw 

ell Watsons... 

Abna E. Jones 

Bamnel W. Shannon. 
Mra. Jennie. Harris. . 

Charlie Kirklio . 

Aaaeite E. Baxr.... 
Jamea A- Spears. . . . 
Sarah E. McAllister 
Arthur Spencer. J .. . 

..,.3120 LaSalle 
/. -.4.154 Labadie 
.4360 flt Market 

.2704 Waak 

4143 Finney 

--17 V. CoBptoft 
.IS*. S. Compton 
Hallidayboro, III. 
Hallidayboro, 111. 
:,.JE3U Wslnut 
2S30 Lawton 

Bessie Johnson 

John H. Gray 2280 Adams 

Mrs.\Pauline Wiljis.- 513 Ewing 

Jam A. Taylor....' Detroit. Mlchl 

Grace A. Woods 3537 Laivton 


Frank Cboatc Clayton. Mo. 

Lilia Hopkins, 2738 Lawton, St. ( Louis 

D>. Elmer Wllkena, ^jf Mempbia; 
Twin., ia the guest of Dr. E. J. Gregg 
4^3 West' Belle. 

Mr. Maurice Grant, 401 8 Cook, was 
host to the T. M. C. Club Wedncsdav, 

Muy 2. This club's prices saaf. won liy 
a Mrles of whist game points. 

.'Mrs. I.ocy Thurman, of Detroit, Mieh- 
lg>)i, has purchased a home' site at 
nsW-VYeat Belle. Dr.' and Mra. F. H. 
'TEorman will remove to that address 
In' the. near future. 

' Mrs. Wat era, of JonesbOro, 
Mb., returned home after spending a 
pleasant week with her daughters, 
Mesdamep Hubbard, Nelson and Hill- 
bright, of 21 S. Compton, 

Mrs. J. Hemingway,- of 404,5 Cook 
Ave., was badly .burned- about the 
fae«i . Sunday morninj 
range exploded. Shb i 
at present. 


The Slaughter System 

for , 



System taught by mail or at College 

tier RBf 

Motto.— Do business with n neigh 
bor, whenever this is possible, but nt 
any rate do busjneas with your own 
rfco.— American Woodmen. 

Mrs. l.lttlejohn. of 272" Adams 
returned last week from Chicago, v 
■he attended the "funeral of Mr. Will 
Coprlnml.' Mr. Copetnnd was furu 
of Columbus, Miss., and a ilenr fi 
of .the family. 

•The Mizpah "S00" Club met si 
residence of Mrs. Geo. Cathrell, .'1023 
Lawton on Wednesday afternoon, 
nnmber of gnmes of 1300 were phi 
niter which the hostess served a ilni 
Inneheon- At Ihe dejiarture of 
number* they all declared that I 
bad .-ii -u.\.-.! n delightful afternoon 


An interesting announcement which 
has just reached St. Louis friends ia 
that of the marriage of Miaa Beatrice 
Mack to Mr. Robert L. Blackburn, of 
Cincinnati, Ohio. The ceremony took 
place April 31. io St. Andrew's Church. 
Mack, formerly "of this city, 
a domestic acienco instructor .of 
innati. Mr. Blackburn is a postal 

ployee. At 

closed Jot May 

inn'ati, Ohi 

cards were I 
3143 Oaf* Av 

The- Svjaerjtan Club met at the res 

nee of Mrs. Eslelle fUy, T *900 Li 

s Ave., Wednesday evening, Apr" 

Tbe election of officera-wa* as fo 

wa: Mra. Juaie Morgan, Dreaident; 

Mrs. T. Beas!cy,':vi«e- president; ilii 

K-iilli- Clay, treasurer; Mrs.. 

secretary; Mrs. l.ulu White, reporter 

The regular meeting of Simmofii 
School Patrons' Asaociation^ will be 
held Tuesday evening, May 8, at 8. p. 
m. at the school bailding, 4298 St. 
l^iui*<Ave. 'A nne program-'has Wen 
arranged for oar entertainment. N. B, 
Word, president; F. C. Meaux, s«cre- 
tnrj. Il ~" i 


The. Koyal Society Embrofdery Club 
was highly entertained by the Presi- 
dent. Mra. H. B. Brown, Thursday, 
April 26, at -her reaidenee, 3311 Frank- 
lin Ave., with eleven- members jireaent. 

We had as oar distinguished guest, 
Mrs. L. E. Harding, 'who (tavo o» a 
verr interesting, as well as -pleasia'g, 
talk" on tbe' Black Man and the Flag, 
also a few words v of encouragement 
alongthe-line of our crochet and' em- 
broidery work,, which waf indeed en- 
joyed by alL . 

After the .regular routiae of bua- 
iness aad.faacy work, the heetees aerv- 
ed us bonatifullv with a most deli- 
cious rep*'*. , 

Alt quoted Mrs. Brown aa'beiag one 
of the 'most .charming hoateseea of the 
•eases. After which the elub. adjourn- 
ed to aseet the 5th Tavrsday. May 11, 
ai iae, reatdenee eX Mr*. R D. Ervlag. 
4,171 W. Bell Pkaee. 

Mrs., H- B. .fkrnra, Prealdeuti Mtsa 
I. Kohada, etoenruar*; Mra. J. Wjtt, 
.Heporter. ,, 



C- Sin'mona 

made a 


atop in 

St. Louis Tat 

ndV en 


to Kansas City and 

St. Joe, 


he is t 

speak. From 

there ha 


to Sew Vork 

ind there 

his' mighty jMW for justice for 

r-e. His 

audiences wil. 

be prin. 



Puellac-Laborante Consilia^ or Oirls' 
Working Club, of St. James A. SS. E. 
Church, met- st the home of Miss 
Esther Samuels, of 4283 Lucky St.. Fri- 
day, ApriHT, 1917, with twelve mem- 
bers present and Hev. tjlheafe as honor- 
ary guest. Theelub reported on sun- 
ahiDe work and suggested plans for 
their snnsfaet'onting. The bosteas in. 
vifed all to the dining room, which waa 
beautifully decorated in patriotic 
colore. A ahort program was rendered 
after aerViasT- ' Bessie Keith, president; 
Wlli» Taylor, viee-preaideat, Loeretln 
Bie gn t y ' leeretary; Flerenee .trihnson. 

:h<- home of Mr. and Mrs. Jus E. 
iron was beautifully decorated with 
ins. smilai and carnations for the 
rringe of .their daughter, -Ida May 
1 Frank It. Jones, on Monday! last. 
Is the bells lolled .for six- (he bride 
■'led to the altar by. her father to 
the soft strains of Men delsso'hn Wed- 
ding March, rendered by Miss Ad« 
Jones, accompanied by Mr. Jaa. New 
etl. Rev. J. L. Cohron officiating. Mis: 
Eleanor Cohron 'attended her sister as 
maid of honor and'Misses Sara Cohron 
and Huih^joncs as llridesniaids. Di'lmm 
..tones nreompanicd his. broth er.'aa best 
man; Jaa Davis and David Piper as 
groomsmen. The bride was gowned in 
a creation of. pearl white. Georgette 
Crepe over .white satin, witb trimmings 
of Rpanish silver bice and pearls. The 
tulle veil waa. -held in plaee with a 
wreath of orange blossoms and she ear 
ried a shower of bride'rosea and sweet 
pea". The maid of honor waa in Turk- 
ish blue Georgette Crepe over blue sat- 
in trimmed in gold. with rose buds. Sh'e 
carried a ahowcr of pink earnationaand 
■weet peaa. .The bridesmaids were hand- 
somely . gowned 'in shadow bier- with 


Wm. H. Bedman, 424Ba X. Miirket.fl2 

Susie l^e, Cleveland, Ohio .5(1 

Jnlin Tucker, ItM.S Morgan 2S 

Aliee Smith, 81t> N. 23rd St !.44 

Mnmie llnbiniion, 2707 Morgan...".. .3<1 

Mollie Smith. 34.1fi Ijiwton..: 30 

Deliii liny, 2S4II Morgan (Hi 

Obit McCallister, -22(11 St. Charles.. M 

Sam Hearing. 40B S. 15th St :..B6 

Lot Koss. 3020 Ijiwton '. 30 

James Hamilton, 2735 Walnut 26 

Pauline Lcwe, 2S23 Market PI ' 1. 

iei la Pollard, 1*37 Si. Charles. .40 
Irwin, 32S4 Lasalle. 

E. Conjier, 2S21 Walnut, .19 days 

as Sanders, 1 SI 4" Morgan 1 

O.-Smitb, 211 S, iflth 

Elige Kelly. 2X07% Shoridan.; .42 

LacyEarly, 217 Valentine 30 

a Jones, New Haven, Mo 43 

Manuel Dukes, 404* Fairfax .41 

Richard Sears, 4019 Washington, i. .20 
Willis MeCourtney, 4 2»il. Kennedy. .-37. 
Sterling Jones, Kansas City, Mo... .27 

Ernest Shauers, 2223 Randolph 22 

Mary Masaey, 2745 Wash 17 

Kdwurd W. Tittt, MHO Easton ,./•« 

lamea Hill, Cario, HI.. .,,.,,..'... .61 

Hie Shcpard, 2135 Morgan 02 

ash". II 

nurd. . 1 1 months 

:mma Junqei 2011 Was 
'ivian Siddjj 2830 llern 

For further information, write the 


Saint Louis, 


iSL!B2is2msjijwKmM^7kmm i vmMMJBisaisxiBiiswEiaaS 


For our niriinw! 
rrinfurcnl Colli C 
and Brldat Weirli. Ii 
Ids III trBlmriiu. 



We also guarantee that 
the teelhwiill not be con- 
tinually 1 breaking off. 


The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO., 614 Olive St. 


O.., CUV.H. H. .(.»„», ..Oil-. 


General. Hauling 

A. WRIGHT. Manager. 
Phone: Bcmont 1851-R - 2753 WALNUT ST 


hair on bald heads 

ir money refunded. 

Hnker, the icalp speeii 

South Trinity St., Meiico, h 




tow laer- m 
aeh Jffrried 

beautiful bouquet. 

Folloirinc the ceremony there was a 
reception for the many friends^ Slany 
handsome and Valuable present* were 
received, consisting of silver, eu legless, 
hs,nd-p«intrd China, pictures and many 
other nsefnl household articles. They 
will step at the home of the slide's 
parents until -they ran complete their 
rTSngeoientB for 'housekoepiitg. 

Mi. J. P. Coleman. UI1 froode. At 
who -lias been very sick for tht 
week*, is a little better at this wi 
hag. . 

as Muriel Pendleton, of 4Sr>l West 
Belle, has been, ronflned to bed 
few days, but ia aueh improved at 

The F»o Fran's met with Mrs. Off- 
ford Evan«. 4«I0 West Belle; Thnrs- 
dsvT. Kay 3, in the -nature of a real 

Passed fn-rii his earthly tulis April 
S5, 1B17, at ClarksviUe, '-11^., Rev. 
Itobert B. Henry, age fifty years, after 
hnvini; lived a Christian life fyr_ mure 
than thirty years and died in full (ri- 
uinpfa of his faith and leaves lo mourn 
their lo'ss hia wife, Mrs. KT1b M. 
Henry; one daughter, Mrs. I.eonn Ard. 
■ ■ T Detroit, Michigan; one son, . Mr. 
Frederick. Henry; two. Bisters,. Mrs. 
Jennie' Henry. +S8»g Mt. Louis Ave.', 
and Mrs. tranS Boggy, .330S pine nt.. 
and one brother- in law.' Ms. Frank 
Boggy; ' two. brothers, lldwanl and 
CharleB Henry; nephews, Leo and 
I'harles Anderson ami r Wiiyno A. 
Douglas, pf the Kighth MfllMs, Regi 
ment, and Messrs. Ijwrenre and James 
Henry, of. Maylon. tfgr. and Mrs. Ella 
ifenry, "sister- in -law, 43SD West Belle 
PL, and Mrs. Annie Henry, of ClaVtnn. 
Mu. and a host of Jriends of Ht. Louis 
and Clarksvillej Mo. Interment .April 
2% inir. nl CIsrksville, lto. 




teingent young 
>ent the i4rgus. A good 
Bee Mr. Buck Hatarday 

no to-Oarne. 
Marker, a new 
1010 N- Sarah, 
fish, vegetable 
poultry, at . lot 

'a Fish and Vegetibl 
Colored anterprlse, ny 

A large supply of 
i and home dressed 
est prices, alwayi on 

ish to express qut sin 
lhanks to friend* .for their kindness 
■ : N-i.ij.- our recenf liere a ,-t-ment. in Ihe Douglass Hotel 
death of our beloved husband. James Avenue. 

.Tones, who departed, this life Monday, ' 

April 23. IP 1 7,' at 2 a. m. 

Kadly mis-e.l by Mrs. Katie Jones. 
life; -Ophelia Jones, daughter; Cora 
Kryea, niece. 

Brick cottages in .' Fdleardavills, Jin 
monthly payments. rent bargain a If 
yon are in thn market, see ms at nnee. 
Hutch ins Inge. 
II ding, SMS Lawion 

S5.00 FREE 


In loving memhry of my ilesr m 
Annabel .Milrhell, who departed 
life May 3, 1918. 

My -mother was ealled away. - 

Sadly missed by husha-nd. mothe 
•ister and brother. 

,-Thenra Mae I^wis, daugbter. 



Anyone knowing the': wheraabnts ol 
John Nelaon. formerly of 
Tenn.. nhajnld notify Captain. Johnson 
Ot tssa. Laclede Station or the' Argos 

. His sister. Mr.. Braneh, wisher 

JXIn. Phone Victor 1466- R 


'iDealer in New and Second Hsnd Good 

Bcught and Sold. 

Light Hauling. 

- S! Loots, I 

Agents Wanted 

To Handle DERHATAS HAIR and 

We Buy and Sell! Pups, 
Canaries, Parrots, Etc. 

Call or write •, 
New -Bird and Dog Store 
Sill Olive St. ■ St Ml 

If yon want a homi cooked, Bnndsy 
dinner, atop at Swaai'Candy Kitchet- 
W« serve lunch daily. Dianer ever 

luernienl- for Muy that Mill roek any 
piano firm . Uprights |M to fOM 
players ttCO to f 1,006, in order to mnk- 
roopt fur new stoek enmiiig from ou 
fnejoiy. < •* 

If wa siliestep me you pay tbe pen 
sltv. Phone Hesumonl -IT 

1 I 

C H, Watki^ 


ilgin. bud.e.dd. he 

ceiient pre,.:, 
faets-sre >■■ 
of bnih rare 

ed everywhere. For par- 
write, A..B. -ftreen. (5.130 
Ml. I^dis. Mo. Phone, 


rs. I-ottie Johnson, of E«lS Lawton, 
nrishea to itt hlL know that she has 
Oreea's White nartshom Liniment" 
for sale, and will be >t home Monday. 
Wednesday and Satorday of each week. 
Phone, Bomont 1078. 
\ ' .' 

. ■■-:■;-■-.--■■■■. ■■■■,■,.-■'— <-r-rr 


thk it: topia iOaon 

mm u ntmmmmMMM* 


Negro Business 




Personal, Sunitiesa and Pro- 
fessional Cards. Business 
Chances, For Sale or Rent 
Houses, Stores, Flats, 5c per 
line; .minimum 15c. 

Help Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed, For Rent Rooms, Rooms 
and Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c. 

Display A 1 50c per inch * 
Special Rates ..n4-time Ads. 


The old Pluket store, Jefferson 
Uwtcc Av«. Cut rale price*. This 
Mora U often imitated, hot a»»«r 

For ■•!■ • beautihU tot SUilBO, with 
■ alee thtoe-ruom bouse, cellar, water la 
baoae, gas, and good cistern water on 
the oataida, two porches on nortb tod 
south sides. Oruitoid in front, near 
Court House. Worth 12,200, m be 
booghi tor Jl'vjtii'! cuh. Call end In- 
ipeit, 423 BooBomma Ase. Applj M 
427 Bonnomme Ave., Clayton, Mo. Aik 
for Denial White. (9-19) 

■tesdT job. 
It lb.' Oilt 
art street. 









business partner with enah of' $300, to 
go one half. Interesleil truck farm- 
ing, pdultj tad hog ruling, with stand 
mt SV-J* Laclede. ' Vara at Uarnliart, 
llo,, 20 mites Tron' 81.' LOttis.- 

"FOR KENT.— Neatly furnished and 

unfurnished rooms, with modern cun- 
veniencei; bath, gas, - kitchens, con- 
venient to 3 car lines. Apply 4l9fr 
Westr Belle. Mr™. I. It.'Syprel, or phone 
Llndell 593i-W: ' • 4-13-4. 

FOR RENT.— Small furnished room, 
with modern improvement* for lady 
employed. Call Liudell 1804.W. . 

F.<)« HUNT: Neatly ftttntsbr-.l room 
Ijv respectable family- for iujiu and 
■wife, or for two "gentlemen. ***" 
..Cook, I.iudell SSftUR. (4-204.) 

Foil lih'ST: 

ally furnished 

Stlhg rooms suitable for hacae- 

Bi f..r couple for li«ht hoiinekeep- 

1 :. ■■■.:;.-!:■ to I'«i;<' or llodiamuot 

1020 IVndiet.m, Lindell 1216W. 

FOii HFN'T: 
room with all 
Mm L -Walker 

I.iodelf -sftn. 

ij-hed front 
est Belle. 

■FOB »At& iti-siMifo] two-story sii 
-room house, two halls. Lot 102 hv 
Jlfl. Will divide lot. Mr*. Chas. 
Powell. SSB K." Shady' Ave., Wcbwer 
Grores. Mo. ' (4-27-) 

VOIt KENT: KsniWy furnished front 
nram: Hot and cold water, and othi't 
convenience-'. W52' West ifelle. Lie 
dell 2S23r. (4'27-4). 

rooms; nWerr, e- 
42*W I.wkr. Mr-. 

■rrtly furs 
•niene.-s. 1-: 

FOR KKNT.-Nfatl 
for -r.-*»J.;Mnlde rouph 
-men -AH rp>n>.>nieiie 
'Cooli. Ayr.— Mis. Hie 

Fiicnislw-il rim 
„r two grnt 
• I..", 

bed mini nnd fctjeben, suit 
■ou pie for light hpusekeep 


Tuner, Repairer and Finuher 

of Piano. Reed and Pipe Org an 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

HaiwUt. T.'fct. C. A. »>Uh 

702 La k- ton Ave. St. Louis, 


Sign Painter and Interior Decorator 

' I'int-CIass Watt. 

3132 Fair Ai 



Licensed and bonded, electrical 
contractor. We will wire your old 
or new house and furnish yon fix- 
ture) and give yon six months toont 
year to pay for It Fans rented, sold 
and repaired. 

"The roie ii red. 

The violeti an blue, 

I need, your work 

And others do too." 

Tell-Tale Signs Mark Benedict 


atone walla, do I 

_ Nor Iron ban _ ._„. 

ant and quiet take 

Real gold ailed eitgueasa for owl- 

i> dollar. Money bark if yoli want 

Male Monday ipd Tuesday ai 

Harry Q. Douglass, Prescription Drag 

gist Quality- and SerMe* Store, 2401 

North 1'endieton Avenue. 

We actually aell you i tha genuiat 
iMd-fllled eyeglaasea jr ' epeeUe!. 
fr ain, gu a rant eed to aaaaj i-luth II 
karat Ruld ailed, and to wear for ten 
years Similar glaawe elMwbMi, ttJO 
if. With thvfm framn la a pair of oni 
genuine periaoopie e'rynal lenses, fltted 
free bj Our expert' optician, who bar 
bad years of experience in fitting 
glanea. for only one dollar. Special 
lenses extra. J3.50 rimless ' glaaaee 
t2.2~S; 13,00 bifocals, two pain in one 
for- '13.00. Similar glaaaea elsewhere 
14.00 and lo.OO. 


- Steam and Hot Water Radiator 
A Specialty. All Hindu of 
Stoves Repaired. Call . 

E. M. Paschal) 

4314-a Lucky— ■ St. Louia, Mo: 




I> still ai 

211? Market St 

ee Consultation and Exa 
Huura: 9-jtt*i m to >:30 



:;'.».-■■-:- at OH EyUo' Ax.l . 




4233 EastoD Ave. 5l. I.ouii 



Spirit Medium 

. ni and qutet uae I 
That for a heritage. j 

Bow can you tail whether or Mot a 
mah'a fdarrled? Way Ifi^Binple 
e a o u*"fi." J u a t 
we tcohlm for tell- 
tale signs. The sin- 
gle tnati Is usually 
polite to the 1s- 
dleB, bat not ovei- 
oflktoun. The mar- 
ried m °ti is ovei> 
aealouj in bis ef- 
forts to maka-blm- 
■elf agreeable to 
the femlulce. sex. 
The eloglo mnn la 
not often. If ever, 
■ taring; after 
young girls Tha 
married matt sel- 
dom lets one pass 
trim (Unobserved. 
Of course he may 
be Just, comparing 
them with bis wife or daughters. We 
wilt suppose this to be the cms* end 
let It go at that. 

A single mnn li not Tersed la the 
ways of women.; and takes no chances 
in trying to get up a flirtation with a 
chanting young widow. The married 
man givea a widow back aa many 
glances as she tarns In- his direction. 
Be knows she could not accuse him of 

The married man Is always looking. 
after bnblefl he aces on the atieet. Fat- 
ting them on the head, dangling them 
on. his knees or whistling to them If 
they are at arm's length, is his way, 
The slugla man steers clear of them. 
If on* was thrust within hla arms he 

would be nettled until someons rehired 
him of the barter, bo hold so awk- 
wardly. . .■' 
The married man does not Stammer 

women. On the contrary, he enjoys 
confusing the gentler sex. A married 
man cannot accept an «uTltatloa to an 
affair offhand. He knows vary well 
that his wife will have something to 
say about that A.alnglo mane hours 
are hi* own ontalde of business. There 
Is no one to dictate what he may or 
may not do. Be can make an engage- 
ment on the spur of tha moment for 
anything that. suits bia .fancy. 

The married/man shows his responsi- 
bilities on his face. The single man's 
face shows absence of them. -The 
married man shown plainly that he has 
no heart to lose. The single man's at- 
titude toward women shows that he Is 
looking about for the right one. 

The married man ban no real Interest 
in any woman outside of his own fam- 
ily or circle of close friends. The sin- 
gle man has Interest wherever there 
are likeable young ladies who appeal 
to him. A married man la always ready 
to go to his dinner at the tap of the 
hotel gong. If a tingle man Is con- 
versing with a at ngla young lady ha 
forgets dinner, everything in the pleas- 
ure of her charming presence. 

There are upward of < a thousand 
ways, never falling stgni. by which yon 
con' tell whether a man's married or 
single. Bat if yon hsye mastered the 
few hints given yon here yon have 
learned quite enough- to help yon deter- 
mine whether the fascinating stranger 
you have recently met is married or 
" la. 

(Coprrurbt; Hit.) 



scmrnnc ? 




Jafr*. Victoria CUyHahy 

i Ave. «. Lee ds. Mo 

Music's Influence on Child Life 



WiH : Promotea Full Growth of 
Hair, Will also Restore. the 
Strength, Vitality and the Beau- 
ty of the Hair. If your Hair is 
Dry and Wiry Try 

East India Hair Grower 

If you are. oothered with..Pal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itchinr Scalp 

Or any Hair. Trouble, we want you to' 

The remedy contains .medical proper- 
ties that go to the roots of the Hair, 
stimulates the skin, helping nature do 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky. Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The 
best known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Iron for Straighten- 
Price-Sent b y Mail, 50c; 10c Extra for Postage 


I Hstr Growsr, 1 Tsmpla Oil, 
1 Shampoo. 1 Praaaloa OU. 
1 l*ac* Com 

SSq Extra/or Postage 

D. LTONS, Gei. Aft, 314 E. 2o* St. 

Oklahoma City, Okbti 

Thu value of music m toe ecu a omj of human LiCe is neither widdj 
nor f oily appreciated. '. «., -"t*.i 

'We' reflect. to a greater or less extent is ow own peroraalities the 
rhythm and harmony which penuries all nature. .This rhythm relieves 
the monotony of existence and is' the agency through which we ore able 
to bring'ourselrea into harmony with the forces of nature and the thoughts 
sad emotions, of our fellow humankind. 

Music couetitutes one of the, most pleasing and highest forrns of 
expression through which thought and emotions find utterance. ' It is 
the avocation which provides restfulness from the strain of daily pursuits 
and comes as a solace to the weary brain and as a stimulus to the depressed 
spirits. ... 

Music forms the basis, also, of the most effective correlation and con- 
centration, of the energies and the purposes of the social 00%. The chnrch 
has long recognized its power and utilizes it in blendtng'tte emotions of 
its worshipers into s harmonious and unified whole. There is a psycho- 
logical value in the song which precedes the discourse. It corresponds -tp 
the preparation of the" -seedbed -by the farmer to encourage germination 
and a growth .of that which he sows. 

There is a marked analogy between the .rhythm of nature and that 
of which the mind of man sooner or later becomes conscious. It should 
be the aim of education '.' to encourage the discovery of this relationship 
thruugh the adaptation and application -of music in the training, of the 
child at every stage of his existence. , ' 

The jingle of the Mother Goose melody, that is always so welcome, 
and the soothing lullaby that brings to the child peaceful-slumber indi- 
cate clearly that. music is indigenous to the nature of childhood. 

If .we are careful not to conventionalize" too early in the life of the 
child that which is to supply this yearning and.longing for the form's 
of rhythmic expression, music will naturally and unecWiously weave 
itijclf into the fabric of character and personality. 's- 







1 Basket for-- __ __ _■„ -10 Cents 

6- " .**.... -50 ** 

28 *££?*, r- -^---— "— — ^-$2.00 


I. E. Bukhant. Walking 
I. .ihfs. Lsf 


CHAS. O. WATSON, Prop. - 

iVBifc Cut Rate DRUGGIST. ' - Everybody Welcome 

Located at COMPTON .and LACLEDE AVE. 

Gar iv rwow voun 
Pa-AL UI cm rkoM us, 
Even* reader of this pope 


1 1 hup ui un|jap*r 



^Durham duplex Raazoft Co.- jwievciTYN.j ^ 

/ at ^ 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe Works. Wages 
$2.35 per day for regular men who will 
work steadily six days per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co- 

5200 Manchester Avenue / 

Subscribe for the Argus 

$1.50per Year 

For Sale 

Twenty Lots in Smith Kinloch \ 
Direct from owner Cheap. See 

.■ : -if , ir /■ *r 

J. £. Mitchell. Argus Office 

2341 Market Street- , 

■X^, : ". i. ■ ■■ 


: Men 


Unwk whtre it Hit- 


9uHer.rj.oo* that la 

forth the mystery of 
birth. Psychology has given 
much attention to 
the new birth of 
late, and some 
think It had been 
taken out of the 
realm of the mys- 
tertone and 
brought into the 
realm of the oat- 
Bat while 
the atieace Just 
mentioned has 
valuable ob- 
servations on the 
psychic. '« t a t ea 
Connected with 
conversion, ' the 
new birth re-" 
I mya- 
The Holy Spirit ope- 
of the anbttnadotw- 
wo hear "the sound 
the e Sects produced, his 
mysterloaa a* the wind. 
Via Newborn. 
text sets forth the 
w birth. It suggests. 
of the newborn. We 
■ the wind blowing 



001J>H!H TEXT- And wh 
wit he tha ohMaet, shall 
— U:M. 

+++++ + + + + + + + + * + + + + + + + +,+ + + + 

Chiirch Directory 

■Northern Baptist Church, GOO 

A. M. E. Chorea, 8L Fard- 

Bt Ja 

Bandar school, 6:30 a.- m. Preaching, 
II a. m., and 8 p. m. Young Peoples' 
Boatetiae, 5 to TiM. Otaas meeting. 
Tuesday, 8 p. re, Rev. WQliam H. Peek, 

Ward Chapel A. M. E. Church. Kin 
Snn'day.iehool, l!SO p. m.; Thnradav 
Class meeting, 1:00 p. m. J. W. Oar 
ier, pastor, 
■nab. Mo.— Sunday, Preaehing 11 a. m. 

fin and coarse we cnn< 
, not trace, "so la everyone (bat Is bora 
of the Spirit." Newborn men are un 
v accountable to men of the world. They 
> belong to another kingdom - which 
worldlings cannot even "see." Their 
motives, their talk, . (heir behavior, 
great); puule the tmregenerate, be- 
tween whom and them there 1* 
great gulf." 

We are- reminded, bar* of a story 
concerning Sir Isaac Newton. It Is 
Raid that when b.6. waa studying the 
laws of light, he had a tab of water 
placed Id front of bin house and would 
■*- -for hoars blowing Hop bobbles 
eud .making observations on reflection 
and refraction. His simple neighbors. 
who knew nothing of the great 
thoughts passing through his brain, 
' roil Id not understand hla behavior, but 
would sigh and shake their bead* sad- 
ly ainrWy; ."PBor mm"" 
Bunyan'e Eapatlanea. 
John Bunyan has set forth the 
- strangeness of the newborn to the eyes 
Of men In hla .picture of Vanity Fair. 
Wben_ the. pllgrlma entered the fair 
'there was a 'great hubbub 'about them 
.and that for three reasons.- First, "The 
pilgrim* were clothed with such kind 
of raiment a* waa dlverae. from ' the 
Iralment of any that traded at that fair. 
The people of the fair, therefore, made 
a great gazing upon them; some sale) 
they were fools, some they were' bed- 
lama, and some they are outlandish 
men.". (I Cor. 2 :7, 8.) Secondly, "But at 
they wondered at their apparel, ao they 
did likewise at their speech; for tewJ— " 
could understand what they said ; theft [ 
naturally apoke the language of Ca 
naan, bat they that kept the fair were 
the men of this world ; so ihnt, from 
one end of the fair to .the other, they 
seemed barbarians each to the other 
Thirdly, "But that which did not a little 
amuse the merchants, was that these 
pilgrims set very light by all theli 

Sinn newborn men are unaccount- 
able to the men of Vanity Kalr, It fol- 
lows- that during thl* present evil ag> 
"the offense of the cross" will not 
cease. Our friends will marvel at 
■ talk of heavenly things. They cannot 
understand our enthusiasm over fields 
of service which seem dreary to them ; 
why a young man should give up n 
career or a young woman give up so- 
cial prospects tp'.become a missionary 
Is to them an insoluble mystery. "So 
is everyone that Is born of the Spirit." 
But to none are the newborn sir mys- 
terious as to thoae who themselves are 
eeeklng to enter the kingdom of God. 
John Bony an tellt boV he jjeerd "tout 
poor n-omen sitting at a door In the 
son" talking of the new birth they bad 
'experienced, and -declare* "they were 
Ito me aa if they had foand a new 

The Struggle. 
1 A tittle later be writes: "The atate 
[and bapplnen.of these poor. people at 
(Bedford w*s thus. In a kind of vision, 
presented to met I saw as if they were 
on the sonny side of some high uioun- 
[taln, while I was ahlvertng in the' 
.cold, afflicted ' Willi frost, snow and 
jdark clouds. Itetbooght also- betwixt 
ime and the-o'i saw- a wall that did 
Inmpasa about this mountain, and* 
| through this wan my soul did greatly 
jdestre to- pass. About (hla. wait I 
1 nought myself to go again and again, 
stlil plating a* I went, to see if 1 could 
.iflhd «"oe passage, blit none coujd I. 
Add" for some time... At .the last I saw 
-a* It were a narrow- gap. throagfa' 
which i attempted to pass, but the 
naaaage being very straight I made 
many offers, bat All in vain: At last, 
with great arriving, I at lint did get 
In my head, and after that, by a 'side- 
long striving, my shoulder* aud my 
whole body. Tlra ™ I exceeding' 
glad, end went and sal 'Sown In the 
midst of them, and 'bo was comforted 
•with the light and heat of their un!" 
Reader, do ynat wish to become on*, 
of God's mysterious saeal Toar.part 
1* simple, via, to receive' Christ Bad 
and. reread" John. Irl2. 11 

Thl* leeson I* really a contlnnatloti 
of tha latter part of the lesson tf .lift 
weak, iar the glory of Jesas la hla on> 
aelflshneaa whereby he wrought oat re- 
demption for mankind, 

I. SeHlshnaaa Amid Her* Sun-Mind- 
ing* (vr. 1-U). TCne world doe* cot 
appreciate Jesus, It never bt*. ' "Hla 
own,"' the Jews, did not appreciate 
him. We are considering him today 
as he was about to depart from tha 
world that had despised and rejected 
him to on* that appreciated turn (Hen, 
14). The development. Verse 2 
tells of the Satanic suggestion that 
came to tha heart of Judas, In It waa 

personal desl re, and, corioectod with It, 
human conspiracy. Tha ctnotog to 
"lis upper room haa bean pointed out 
by a man bearing a pitcher' (Ilk. 
14:12-18), tha pitcher being suggestive' 
Of the Holy Spirit which waa. about to 
come- In the place of the visible Christ, 
and' It la in the midst of such sacred 
surroundings a* tola that Satan enter* 
the hearts of students. Tnla la a sag- 
gallon as to the power of environment. 
Environment la an aid. but it docs not 
produce effective safety: No moment 
la toohofy for Satanic -auggestlon. 
Jesus knew that' the hour waa come 
when he waa to depart out of the 
world, "Having; loved hi* own, he 
loved them to the end." Even though 
the- Father had given all things into 
his hands, still It waa necessary for 
him to teach the disciples once more, 
and Anally, the lesson of humility. He 
knew and remembered the strife 
among the dlsclpjes (Luke 22:34-28), 
Doctor Bona rd's famous dream, aualya* 
Ing aeai aa being made np of ambi- 
tion, pride and element* other than 
the love of God is worthy of consid- 
eration In this connection. We, Deed 
to realise the danger of selfishness 
even la our service for God. Have w* 
examined our motives! If the con* 
seaneucae flf onr **jna H ar% , either of 
task or ability, tempt* n* to: shirk HI* 
lowliest of service*, It la time for 
God's children to recall this scene and 
remember that "the aarvaia/ta not 
greater than hla Lord." Peter's strong. 
protest (v. g) brings out the fact that 
the washing by Christ of the dis- 
ciples' feet waa 
merely the ontward application 
Of water (See Bom. 8:9). 

II. Service, tha Evidence of Dlvl 
Humility (w: 1£-15). (1) This service 
was tender. Jean* bad all thing* (y. 
31, yet he' became the sen-ant of all. 
(2) It .was for all. AH needed a wash- 
ing. All the disciples Deeded to learn, 
and «n servant* must learn, to obey. 
iSi It signified aanctlflcatloD. We are 
■aved once for sdl, bat we are con- 
atantty Being stained by our contact 
with *y in the world; hence the need 
of renewed cleansing. -New lignl re- 
veals hew need of cleansing. (4) It 
signified deity. Jesus read the thought* 
of hie disciples. He became their serv- 
ant that in years to come they might 
know the .meaning of service. He be- 
caase their etample, and In years to 
come they remembered bis knowledge 
and service. (6) It waa for -his own,? 
The disci plea did not know what It 
was he had done to them. Little do 
we understand .oftentimes what-lt If 
the Lord has done to u*. Jesn* set 
them an example whereby he would 
remove the dirt of crime, self-seeking 
and every manifestation of selflshnesa 
from their sln-stalned souts. . W* "may 
call Jesua Lord end Master, and It ta 
well that we do so, for Master and 
Lord he la Indeed, but, If we call him 
SO. let u* not do nnant than make" blm 
In onr lives what we call him with our 
lips. The Idea here emphasised haa 
given rise-to «6ueh religious literature. 
•The Imitation 'of .Christ" By Thomas 
a'Kempls. Is the most popular book In 

St. Peters' A. it. E. Cnarch, Elli- 
ot and. UontBomery Sis, Sunday. 
frcachina, UrfK) *, m., and HKX) p. 
m. Sunday-school, J ji. m. 

Bev'.S. 8. PJteher, pastor. ■ ' 

Bt Mark* A. M. E, Zkm Church, 
LefBnawell and Bernard 8t.— Service. 
at 11:00 a, m. - Sunday-sehool at 1:00 
p. n. ClftM BieetiDg, Friday evening at 
8:00. Beverend P. W. Alitork, the pas- 
tor, will preach special sermons, morn- 
ing and evening. 

QUINN CHAPEL A. M. E. Church, 
321 Bowen Sn Preaching, 11:00 a. in. 
and 8:00 p. m. Sunday- school, 9HX) a. 
m. Class meeting, Thursday 

Rev. T. L. Watson, Pastor. 

ins; Ave.— Sunday serviee, prayer meet- 
usg, 5:30 a. m.j proachinj, HjBO a. bl, 
and 8 p. m. ; «und» T -«iiool T 1 p, m.- 
a t. P. 0„ t):30 p. m.; Mission Cire lB 
7:3D p. u,. each Monday; preaching, g 
O. n>. tilth Wednesday; prayer meeting 
B p. m, each Triday. Bev. J. C. Mir- 
Un, paator; residence, 2710 "Mills. 

_Tab«rBacl« Bamut cbureb, mo pib, 
at- Pr»auiiiiB Oaaoar*, 11 a. m. ana * 
ju in. -4WHUJ-MIHMI. l:lt p. b. a I. V. 
O^ s,w p. m. WMnMOa,, , p. ,, 
Wotn.mooo inacuBg. Friday, t p. m 
Prajsr K«etin r - Hon. a. *. Mo*ela7 



Wells Ave.— Preaching Sunday*, 11 a. 
m., and 8 p. a. Sunday School, 1; p. 
ta. Prayer meeting, Thursdays, 8 p. 
m. Bev. £. I. darks, paator. 

Wayman A. M. K. Church, 23rd and 
Wash Street.— Preaching 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. Endeavor 8:30" p. m. Class 
meeting Tuesday, Sp-.m. Prayer meet- 
ing Thursday, 8 p. m. Sev. A. It. 
Dobbins, paator. t ' ■ 

Sunday school, 1:30 p. m. 

First Baptist Church, 1320 Clark 
Ave. — Sunday preaching 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. Snndsj-sehool, B:30 a. m. B. 
V. P. D. 0:30 p. m. Preachiag, Wednes- 
day night by local preachers. Prayer 
meeting, Pridiy 8 p. m. Rev. Wm. O. 
Davis, putor, «3oe Lucky Si. 

First Baptiit Chareh of Kinloeh, 
Ho. — Sunday, preaebing 11 a. m. and 
8 pm- Sunday-school at 10 a. iu. 
Bible reading, a; 0:30 p. m. Weekly 
meetings, Tnesdsy and Thursday 
p. m. Communion, second Sunday la 
each mq*th. Rev. P. Hople, pastoi 
Brswi, elerk. - v 

Second Baptist Chareh, 
Park— Preaching, -Snndajrs, U a. m 
and 8 p. m .( Sun daymen ooL I p. m.; 
Weekly meetings, Wednssday and 'Pri- 
days, 8 p. m. Bev. A. P. Harold, Pastor. 

Mount Olive Baptist Church, 'llEB 
8. lath Street— Preaching every Bun* 
day. 11 a^ m., 3 p m. Bn d g p-B,." 
Sundsyschool, 1 p. m.j B X. P. D., 8:30 
p. m.; Mission Cirele, fourth Sundsy 
in each month. Kev. D. W. Morria 

Antioch HapUat Church, North Mar 
ket And Qoode Ave. Preaebing, Bun- 
days at U a. m. and 8 pm. bnnday 
Bohool at lp.aB.r.ft U. at fl.SO 
p. m. Praysr meeting, Wednesday at 
• p. m. Communion Serviee*, Second 
Sunday in each. month. Bev. Win. L. 
Perry, U. D. Paator. 

Third Corinthian Baptist Church, 
llth and Biddle streets. — Sunday' 
prayer meeting, 5 pm. Preaehing,"ll 
a-, "p., J.p, m. and 8:30 p m. Sunday 
aohool, I p. m. Prayer meeting, Tnes- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
Fourth Sunday in each month Coven- 
ant and Communion. Rev.' J. W. Hall, 
paster: M. C. Croaby, clerk; Pet. 
Browne treasurer. 

Providence Baptist Chursh, Senn.'i 
ly and Pendleton A venae*.— Sundaj. 
preaching 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sun 
day-school, 1 p. m. B. T. P. D. 7 p 
St. - Prayer meeting, Friday 8pm 
Covenant and Lord's Supper, foortb 
Sunday 3 p. m. Mission Cirele Prayer 
Meeting, third Friday, 8:30 p m. Bev. 
E. Calvin Cole, pastor, 3121 Fair Avr 

•i In 

Leonard Avenue Baptist Church: 36 
tJ. Leonard Ave — Sunday, Preaching 
11:00 a.' m. and 6 pm. Sunday 
School 1.00 p m. B. T. P. TJ.'B:M p. 
m Prayer Meeting Wedsesdsy night. 
Bev. P. W. Dunavaat, Pastor, 
8749 Walnut. 

fnion A. M. E. Church, Webste 
Groves—, Services at 11 a. m. and 7:3 
p. m. Sabbath School 9 a. m. Bev 
W, H. Fearson, Psstor; A. A eMm>ders 

Asbury'M.emoria'l H. E. Church, 42B 
Cottaj;e Ave. Sunday school, 6:30 a 
m.; preaching 11 a. m. and 8'.p m 
Epworth League, 7 p. m. Class' mset 
ipg sad Bible class. Wednesday, 8. p 
tn. Rev. W. W. Ooft". paator. 

2418 Laclede Avenue 
Sunday-school st 10' a. m. Preach- 
ing 11 .«Tm'. and- 8' p. m. Bible Band 
at 3:30. Prayer services Thursday 
night*. ' Sev. E. Foiter, Paator ' 

the world next to the Bible. 

"verily, verily. I say" unto yon" (v. 
IS). . This 'Introduction shows, how im- 
jxirtant. Christ consld.e»ed hlfetenching 
at this point. "The aervant Is not 
greater Ihan his Lord" (See Matt 10* 
24; Lake 6:40; 22-27). , If sfce Lord 
bent to this lowly service,, certainly 
they, the servants, should not think it' 
beneath Them to do likewise, nor 
should the one that is sent (an apos- 
tle) consider himself greater than he 
that sent "him. John, who wrote this 
\ epistle, was oqe o'f the apdstles guilty 
of an unholy strife for power and po-. 
aitlon, and. desirous of brinaiag Br* 
down upon thoae who did not acknowl- 
edge end" follow Jean*,' but be became 
'a- marvel of love a'nd ^endernona. 
■ Knowing and doing are the twin pil- 
lars of-.the Christian faith, upon which 
the house of bappine** la built. .SucJi 
aervlce Is nut. egotistical. 
- It la this that has proved the supe- 
riority of Christianity over all 'the re- 
'llgioos of tha world. 

If/ we. seek to do service for othera, ' 
tbain ww have the right to can Jesaa 
Master and Lord, but if we seek honor 
rather than to be humbly .useful, ana 
aaall have no right to call him thus. 

Redemption of Soul> Spiritual Church, 
815 N. Beaumont Street.. Sunday 
iwhool BOrvice 10 a. m., church services 
11 a. tn. and 8 p. m. ai 
Meeting it 8. p. m. Wednesday 
Thorsday. Seance at 8 p. m. Tuesday 
and'Friday. Mrs. .Julia- Johnson, ori 
ole; Rev. . Jaihe* — B. Miller, pasTor 
Henry. Oroea, preaident; Miss A- I 
Voorhies, aeeretary. 

Corinthian Baptist Chute h 
Antelope, Sunday Preaching, II 
as. and 8:00 p m. Sabbath school 
lt:00 a, a*.; B. T. P. U,*p,-sv Wert 
aaaday: Preaaaaag 8>U «. ■, fridav: 
P»ysv Maating, laa, Mission sen- 
iaa, third Friday, 8 p. m. Boainas* 
sasellng Fridsj before th* fourth 
Lord's day In each month. Bev. Wm 
Anderson, Paator: ' 

Mt Oltve Bapttat Chnrth So. M, 1405 
Morgan St. Sunday, prayer meeting, 
5 a. m.; preaching, 11 a. a., 3 p. m. and 
8:30 p. m. Bunday-eeliool, 1:30 p m. 
Prayejfi meeting and . Mission Circle, 
Tne«d*«7 night. Prayer and praiss 
nieeti?(J, Friday night. Third Sunday, 
in each month Covenant meeting- 
Fourth Sunday communion. Bev. A 
Diekson, pastor, Thomas' Miller, clerk. 

Spiritual Christian Union Church 
2797 Lawtou Avenue. Sntrdays 8. p. m 
Fridays, 8 p. m. J. 8. Weatherford 
rector; Mrs. M. Owens, Miistent anc 

Aii»ri«) br rniuu-i Uv. 



Try The Argus 

The ChriBlisn flpiritua'liit Church h»i 
<noved from' 2339a Wash Bt., to 017 .Jf, 
I.i'iinarrl Avenue. Services every 
Tuesday and Friday, st 8:00 p. m. 
Catch Hodiamont car, get off at 331X1 
Franklin Ave., walk nnrth to 017 JJ 
Leonard Are., Mr. and Mr.. Crankiihaw 

Theaealonian Mission sry Baptist 
Church— 304 Montrose Ave. Sunday, 
prayer meeting 8 a. m.; preaching, ■ 11 
a. in. and .8 p. m.; Snnday-ichool 1 p. 
».; B. T. P. C. 6:30; Wednesdaf. 
preaching 8 p: m. : Friday, prayer meet- 
ing 8 p m.; Miesinnary Society, Bret 
and third Tuesday in each month at 8 
p. m. S>v; »«vtd Tvler, pastor. 


3B32 Papin-Sri^et.,; Preaching," aecond. 
third and fourth .Sundays in each 
month, at' II s. m. and 8 p. n. Sun- 
,dar school l.p. ni.: /'. Kr^neiety, (!:30 
p; m. Resttduag \V.-dn<*dly night. S 
p/m. -Prayer nircting Yrihly 8 p. m. 
Cominuninn wrv ic e s seeoad Sunday, in 
each month. Rev. A. It. BoetieL pas- 
tor, phone Cenlm! 3l0r, nr Olivi 10711, 
any time frhrt S a. m.-f. 12:'30 p. m. 
sad t p. m. to S:3lt p. m. 

Mount Zion Baptist Church, Zft24 
Papin St, Stfnday: Preaching, 11:0(1 
a, m. and 8:00 p m , Sunday-school 
1:30 p. m. Prayer meeting, Friday, 
8:00 p. mi 

Dr. J Douglaaa" Herben. Paator. 

Lutbeni Church, 1701 Morgan St.— 
Sunday preaching 8 p m. Sunday- 
school 3 p. m. Catschatical Instruc- 
tion, Thoraday, 8 p. m. Bay Schorl. 
every day, H a. ro— 3 p. m Bev. O. A. 

■ The Oinrch of Ood and Saiatf nt 

Christ, -I0W Finney Avenue Kervicet 

Hnuday at 7:30, Wednradav' at 7:30 
Friday at 7:30 Saturday (Sabbath) a> 
II a. m. and rest of the day. EWm t 
H. A ti i ■? - ■ -■:.-. i -, p'aslor. - 

Com mu 
Hold thci 
a. m. .an.lR _ 
"i-ancc Tuesday , 
conducted hv M 

in of «<>al» Spiritaa) Churc 
rcf.'iilar leSview Sanday -1 

Lyeetim, 10"a. m 
Friday a.t R p."'m 
Caroline ftrre.tcarl 

B*//, Bomont , -\ - 

C. M. \yiLKINS 

Ice and Wtrnd, Coatl By the Baaket or Ton 
' Ath Hauling and Express 


Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 


Ul'iiuioR-att'i Cjtored People. Ci\. 
Phone. Good Ser»ice. 

— y . — *<-^ -t- — ' 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Ooifit 

WOLF BROS. 1214 N. Sonata Avb., Indianapolis, Ind.. U.S.A- 

and Jt Antoinette Bnvrard, ft 

riemmitinb Hateh. aMjfrtaryi 
Anderajin. -.Ireanurpr; M. .' 
Howard, E, X. pastor; Mm. O 
••..n, uaist'ant pastor. IM1 l- 1 
r"bone. Cent! Mlfift. 

\. Ili7 




Taije care of your oo m pfe xk m - 

and your complexion will (aa-a core o/abu. 
Choose pune.Atoa,- choose crcmc clcava' 

T« TE»T FOft TEsRa 

"Mdk** the M*jn tike veto* 

* . aejMi toe soa- L**oa sunt 

MMCSC. OPUNE, 104 fultom »t., new yomt 

M insure iburTeeth 

J Better than the 
i£4 dentifrice ^you 


■ ■■■■ 

«»•*« 8 



Special Engagement 

Weaver-White Players 

■a The Thrilling Melodrama 

"Death of Old Pillgary" 



Special Program Sunday, May 


A stirring Herder story showing hot* 

the .Mexican basdtt ralda rosily. tap- 
pen and ".hiit tlicvnro Bite Alio . 


Tile-Idas'. May '11 
A Dramatic Triumph, and, 

Wednesday— "SECRET KINGDOM' 

nhd ""THE. WOMAN IN 17." 


TtieMlciT, Ma it S 
pBpal« novel in live parti, present- 
ing the celebrated lictrosn," Charlotte 


Etbtj Wednesday 


Featuring Miss Helen Holme* 

■ ■ tt i i 


Advice given in all matters of 
Life. Give. Luck in Business. 
and Speculations, Law Suita^ 
Settle Lover's Quarrel*, bring! 
separated together, makes 
peace and happiness in family. 


Clairvoyant, Fortune Teller 
lirit Medium 


This elegant 79- room hotel baa opened 
under new -management. A nice hotel 
for family or transient tat. . Newly dee 
qrated |tid has 10 tathi, steam heat. 
Rates reasonable. Rev. N. A. MitebeU.- 
proprietor, 2M5 Morgan street, , St. 
Louis,' Md,. Phone Boniont 1ST7. 




Yeas, mutt positively aate«teus adv. 




at the * 
Tues., May 8 

Charlotte V/alker. ttarrina In Ihr five-rrrl Mutual production of "Fardners.' 

"1'nnlncra" ia the' story of Justus 
Morrow, ;■ youhg uiun who goes to 
Alaska iluriag the i'nrlv days- of the 
Gold Kush and mini to win a fur- 
tune from the sands of Nuiiiii, Combat-, 
ijig the biting rolj of the Arctics, the 
conspiracy of enemies and striving to 
subdue the rough element of the gamps, 
hi* udveuturer, furiii-*lt i he material for 

a thrilling story. 

Charlotte Walker, the celebrated 
emotional actress portray* the part »f 
Morrow's wife, anil in the, tense sttun 
lions which unfold as the plot develops 
her exceptional talents are allowed full 
swaji. See it at the Comet Odeon. 
Slat and Market Street*; a** t.. Tucson v. 
May 8, 

and Sort 





likins. How la be Mj«r«lulT An wtbi.ntv.ii 
■SSMBBBaaa The Poor nun i> rotf'M 1* m- 
ceas sad w ipkm «B a. , iw rich si.iweri 
-a tt:tirn. If m «..»<• rill , n tt ,h *," w 
wnir. Kuan. 1* ta I; Sue<U>. 10 u> J. Wad, 
and Sal naioin 7. Tik- w,n«oa. tlpjia- 
awn; o- Hamilton ait. Rsadtan. to> («. Sua 

6124 EAStOW AVE. 

being nffcred the Booker Washington 
It,. mre 'natrons" this week, in truth 
lite . ..tnbinatioti tun well lie listed ju 
II"' <-* elusive rises , bee ease Of its [«is-. 
tension, uf an {buiulunrr ijf originality 
:«mi newness! qualities ■/ pleasing to 
Ihe constant theatre go/r. 

liable Gant, a dcscrijAive sihgernad" 

dt r, opens the shuw with a MM 1 

tuinj of three goud numbers. Her lira t 
w :, baby lullaby accompanied by 
■ ■ j-i ■[!:,': i.-; -. .After some good 
itsuifing she closes with a Hawaiian 
m.l.nly and dance. Laeh number 
-rt't.'s nicely.; 

Morse and HaiTison, a lively, mixed 
tesut, are f cut tiring some of the best 
hack dancing seen here in a lone; time. 
I'lit-ir. work-- is also being interspersed 
nith tuneful melodies, both being good 
•ttidm. TV dancing of the pair is: 
titistie and rhythmic, especially that 
if ihe fiiiati member nho is -extraor- 
luiarily active. The act makes * de- 
idcd hit. Hilly Uigpins is one of the 
Few coinedinns. before the public tuday 
:Iibi. rurt^hid.l nn audience in his ho- 
m.rous gtsmp inde£nitely. There is a 
reason, -Billy '* mHuolugue'-nsVrativet 
ind .jokes are not onjy wittT. but "rig 
iual-Htnd timely. It's a. relief and a 
leligat to hear him. His singing had 
ilanciug sre in the name hsppy veis 
und he leaves his bearers wishing he 
Mduld "Linger a Little Longer. 7 ' 

Madam Kairfax could not have se- 
lected an Act «? please' us-better" than 
'.he one she is" using this week. It. is 
a rciivs! of the delightful concoction 
which iiiclifl'ej her characteristic. rendi- 
tion. of "My" Old Kentucky Home" 
und" the •■lju'artr-tte frou) Rigoletto," 
she,, singinj; the four voices. Both 
take the house by storm. Voung Staf- 
ford, as 'On mischietous . boy scores 
tvcll because nf the' excellent ' grace 
with which hi performs his (Sari. 

The combination is Harmoniously ar- 
tistic and the pair are roundly a p- 
plnn.lcd this Keek, each flumr*safceriti 
ing an encore. ■ . ' 

.-, NBXT KB£K 

Xhe att'rasrt,™ at Ihe Booker Wssh- 
usgtca Theaternest week will; be fh.B 
lirkilJ ITisHal Players, a large eoio- 
pa*y of talentfd performers support- 
mi;. Miss (lonzelle White, a St. Louis 
girl, who has won laurels on the'vau- 
d'\-ille stage. Others'-.iu the east io 
cjnde Joles,vVeavrti Hester Ifoore, J. 
I'. !,.<■,.■:!' and a chorus of singers and 
diiicrrs. The title ef the play to be 
presented is, "The Death of Old Pill- 

csrv," a ■-■■■r iv i!rnrT,"a that has won 

'T%e engageme 


Ford Car For Hire 

*"■ ve . pusfngcr. ? l.LM pet hen '. 
Trip.-. '.•., aad M cents. Hpeciai "Kst.-i 
roe .kuppiog nod i-hing lours. Pho::.' 
~ <Hnnnt/W5,'.aftsr 1 b-ki. and.SbBday 
ill'Bouiont, 1I20N. . Ask for MEM- 
Hl^- Stand— Tom Turj-in's saluun 
id Hooker Washington Theatre. 

The Railroad Raiders," a near 
.1 featuring Helen Holmes, will 
l_nl the. Nee, Movie Theater Thurs- 
day. May 11). This photoplay presents 
j- most interesting story of railroad 
life. It is based on fact. There is 
-peed, punch and "pep'.' in every min- 
ute of" a rnilroad employee's life, jind 
in this serial the patrons -will exgieri- 
i-nce a romantie aad fascinating ad- 
tentnre in the iiililcrncjs of -thiuH'est, 
niih their favorite, Helen Holmes, as 
the h'ernine of phits and Counterplots 
in the exciting events. After the Air- 
itome has been opened the picture will 
be shown in both places on the same 
nights, giving nil a chance nf seeing 
;t iii the open air nf on the inside. 

"assign" the third of the Seven 
Deadly Sins, will he shown at (he 
Tictinu Picture Theater, BOth and Mar- 
kol, Th'itfs.'tav, May II). instead of ths 
:,rd. as previously' announced. ' 

atory Of the Play. ■ __< 

Ls.cnping from "Pride " Eve Lealif 
next is tempted by the sin "of '-Pas- 
sion. 7 ' ,-Eve goes to Coney .Island and 
there sees Leon id as, a handsome, 
strong man", who is appearing in an 
athletic exhibition * which t include* a 
number of. diving ftirls^ -In* spite of 
Adam Moore's protests, Eve contrives 
to meet Leonida* *ho employs her its 
a member of his troupe. 

Leonidas is a desp'esble. person. *1- 
waya^DDsing, but Eve does not realize 
Jhat. rjhe'does not know, oither, that 
Leonidas. is married and that he has 
praetieally deserted his wife: ■.* 

Eve And* herself in rough company. 
She thinks she loves Lconidas and the 
is blind to real condition.*. She sur- 
mounts one difficulty after another, 'she 
passe* through a series of thrilling 
sceues cnlminatisg with- the evening 
at Madison Square Garden when Leon- 
idas defeats the world 'a chamoism 
wtmtler in a grueling battle. 
, Through Adam's aid, five, who baa 
unconsciously" got herself into a ter- 
rible predicament, is saved front her- 
self just as aha was about to jnsrry 
].,■■:.;:.-. who had east off hia wife; 

, ,ji Lwc.ii Sam Langford less than six 
rounds to put Will Tste , of Xew Yorlt, 
out of the way at the FulureCity Ath- 
letic Club Tbeadsy night. Tate.wae 

Mat . f*s- IS minntea after "he famous 
Boste>n boxer floored him with aa owac- 
■;iand right smash to the jaw. - 


Baseball fans will regret to learn 
that the Bt. Louis Giants' acaaun will 
not open at Federal Parle. Sunday, May 
0, ns previously announced. Although 
Owner Brock, of the Giants, hold* a 
flvo year lease on the old FederoJ Park, 
it seem a that a litigation will deprive 
him of taking possession at present. 
The difficulty lies between Dave Ball 
who has failed to restore the .seats to 
the grandstand, as ordered by thy court 
and On-ner 'Hanjon, who says the seats 
must be replaced, according to law, be- 
fore ho will permit the park to -be 

Ball is the winner in the. delay for 
he is preventing the fjiants from com- 
peting with the Browns. Brock has 
already spent nearly W.000 on repairs. 
Tho cose will probnbly be settled in the 
nest few days. 

A. B, 0:'a TTE.KGKOMO 

Kokomo, Ind., April 09. — Taylor Is A. 
B. a 'a and the Kokomo "Red Box bat- 
tled eleven innings in the cold here 
this afternoon and finally quit on ac- 
count of darknesa with n score of 5 to 
5. Both team* played excellent base- 

Indianapolis, Ind., April' 29. — Jewell's 
A. B. C. 's donned the Reserves in a 
close contest at Northwestern Park to- 
day. The eonLt was 4 to 3" and the 
Colored boys only won after a battle. 

----- ..•■■.. *-» ..t v ss *wa ss tiam»«M| | (t , t 


Call Lindell 1038 Debar 4543-R 
... For Limousines or Touring Cars ... 

Ctaas ot™rs. B J? AY 0R NIGHT ^ T0 UVERY 


Reasonable Rates. The Bea> Service in the CiCy 
30.34 PIN E STREE - "leROY MARTIN, Driver 

Lognnsport, Ind., Arjiril 29. — Pitcher 
Arthur Johnson, formerly of the Cen- 
tral Association, "registered his first 
no-hit game of the seasort and struck 
out fourteen of the Pliitoa of Indian- 
apolis, here today. The score was S to 

Dan Washington, once world's cham- 
pion cake-walker, was i.n-the city thta 
week, attending a eouplo of boxing 
celebrates. Washington formerly lived 
in St. Louis; but now resides in New 
York City. . . 


~ ,MAY 5 ' " 

- "Blind Justice," a startling" Vita- 
graph dramatic production - in seven 
reals,, exposing the inner workings of 
graft, will be shown at the New Movie 
Theater, Saturday, May 5. Mr. James 
announce! that preparations are well 
under nay for the opening of the New 
Movie Airdomc at £123<Market. The 
initial date will be nnnouncedin The 
Argus late 

fenja , 


2019 FtIM St 
Every Sunday evening. New man- 
agement. James L- Hall and Jamas 

White, successors to Prof. J. C. Lndryl 
Music by Acsdemy Orchestra. Ladies 
admitted free. Gents, IS cants. AH 

Boley, Okie,, Special.— The many 
friends 'of Mr*. Almena Curtaindoll, 
who- formerly resided al 273j Lawton 
avenue, will be shocked to learn of 
her deatb, which occurred Sunday, 
April 22, at the home of her 'only 
daughter, Mrs. Mary* Haines, at 

Special for thirty days. Bring rua 
your old jewelry, we will design and 
make new jewelry of the latest stylos. 
win- not enii now -ind talk it qvar 
with us. 2335 Market St. 

Cook Book 

cures dlscon- 
hrinaa man to such a level and 
so creates true friendship aa Uh drflne 
aplrli of mirtn. 

Something for Dinner. 
H*t;e sunie iriuiii jelly and before 
It Is quite hard, stir la a cupful of 
broken tills of pet-iins, mold In email 
glasses and aerre on lellure with One- 
ly shredded green pepper* arid, mayon- 

Boll four potatoes In their jaeketa, 
f wi tbeffl and pat them - through a 
rk'tr. Add a teaspooafal of salt, a 
quarter of a ctpfulof (lour sifted aud 
mixed with ■ tenspoonful of baking 
powder, add the yolks of two egga and 
the whites beaten stiff. Boll Into Mils 
imd cook ten minutes. Try one. In wa- 
ter and II It falls to plecea add more 

Cut four email carrot* Into strings. 
Melt two tableapoonfnla of butter in 
a aancepan and when hat add sn anion 
chopped Due, eook until brown, then 
add the -carrots with a teaspoooful of 
-ugar. eswer- closely and let etnuner 
gently. Wbea ' tender, season with 
salt, adit a' quarter of a capful of. 
cream and a teaspoonfn) of minced 
iporaley. ana} serve. Cold cooked peas 
muy Lt laid oier the top. Well coWxCd 
'and heated through, then atlrred tnr 



£™» ."a^Artr. rt' e t ted "l- Dre «nted properly at great expense arith our 
in^^ln?' 0rch £ B fl r "", on ' «& i & 9 Piece, of good orcr^ra JnduT 

OP EN ,0:00 A. M. A M D LLY "™* "»™ CL0SE UM p M 


, Tuesday 
Featuring MolLe King. 

Wednesday -Thai greatest and 
moet sensational serial, featuring 

Thtiradsy-Tbe Preparedneaa 
senfti "PaTRIA" featuring _the 

Saturday-The Secret Kingdom 
featuring DOROTHY KELLY 




in camp at st. louis, mo. 

40,000 /Visitors one big week 

AUGUST 19th To ,25th 

I9d. BKnaial Seniori oftfcs Sopreme Lodj e 

Supreme Court of Cafjuithe and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

Jurisdiction, N. A., S. A., E., A., A. f and A. 



Souvenir Programs . Country Store Barber Shop 

Reauuranf Official Photoa Prewing Shop 

Melons Ice Cream Chewing Cum, Pop Com and Candy 

And 25 more good concession* and dieplnye. Address all communication* 

J - • . — 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 
ChBirman ■ . Secrtfary 

3141 Lawton Ave. \. St Louis, Mo. 



Colored Irance SpiriluaJift 
She can tell you what you would 

. . , luce to know 
She can Jnatruct yon in all your 


From 730.. m. to S:» B . bl 

6152 Minenn Are., •- Weilits* 

si. Kirk.Hj-FKp.s.a ... St. Csi. I„ Cars 

Dr. William 'Knight .has carefully 
satisfied over 1,000 people in the fear 
ISIS, who had trouble with their eyea. 
They bad their eye* tested and glass- 
es 'fitted ' at 2335 ' Market St. 


When at Mew York City visit the 

Woman's Exchange -and Beauty Parlor. 

13S W- 132nd -St. Mme. A. B. Fields 

■/..fug. Prep, 'nana M-IM. . 


It la a wonderful encyclopedia of 
the race, -.and is without an equal. 
The publisher stakes hia reparation on 
thia 'statement; Beading the book will 
verify this claim. Send 35 cents in 
stamps and get the book free. It will 
apeak for itself. Agents wanted. 

Market St. 


Mra. S. A. Humphrey ottera a- 
■pecial jrice for one full course in 
dreesmakiog, cutting, fitting^ and do- " 
simwfig. All worked guaranteed." TT V 
complete -course in all weeks. ' Piiis 
W.O0. ..This offer is good for thirty 
days only, beginning, sfoadaj, April 
(, aacT closing May L Addraas »1S 
Ooode Ave. — ■• . 


Skirt wsiata, iaee enrtaina, and 
blaitkeu done reasoaabry. Anto de- 
livery ,*nri«. Call LindeU 4034 ■ Del- 
mar 36+8L. Bessie jag*,' Proaa* 
etreas; C%arle. T. Rhode,, Manager. 
1251 Si; Ferdinand Ave. 

' the third of the Seven 
Deadly Sina, wrill be shown at the Set- 
tine .Picture Theater; 20th and Market; 

■ .